Prince Harry Reportedly Has Unexpected Views About Having Babies With Meghan Markle As Engaged Rumors Soar

Princess Diana was famous for her love of children, and her son Prince Harry has been frequently photographed with kids as well. Now, amid rumors that the prince is or will soon be engaged to his actress girlfriend Meghan Markle, most are assuming that Harry will want to have babies of his own with Meghan. But a new report claims that the prince may have some emotions that no one expected about following in his brother Prince William’s footsteps and welcoming babies into the world.

Parenthood For Prince Harry?

Harry and Markle have been dating since last year, with engagement rumors soaring ever since the lovebirds headed off on a romantic journey to Africa. And that’s led to assumptions about the prince’s desire to have babies with Meghan. The Express pointed out that last year, the 32-year-old son of Princess Diana responded to an interview question about whether he wanted children of his own someday.

“I can’t wait for the day [to have kids].”

But now, as the rumors that 36-year-old Suits star Meghan and Harry are engaged grow stronger, a body language expert told the Express that the prince’s body language may indicate some doubts. Body language analyst Judi James, who authored The Body Language Bible, detected mixed emotions in Harry.

Does Prince Harry want to follow in Prince William's footsteps and have babies with Meghan Markle?
Does Prince Harry want to follow in Prince William's footsteps and have babies with Meghan Markle? [Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]

Amid the excitement about rumors that wedding bells might ring in the near future, Judi expressed concern that the prince continues to suffer from the loss of Diana so early in his young life. Noting that Harry continues to carry on his mother’s legacy by showing “caring and concern for disadvantaged kids around the world,” James questioned whether Harry is ready to become a parent himself.

Losing Princess Diana

The body language expert noted that the prince has described himself as taking on the role of the “fun uncle” to his brother Prince William’s adorable children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. But even though Harry has publicly shared his affection for his niece and nephew, Judi feels he remains at heart a little boy himself.

“[Harry] displays strong signs of still being that small boy in need of hugs himself after his own maternal care and support system was snatched away.”

As a result of the loss of Princess Diana, Harry is struggling with playing two roles, according to James. One role involves supporting others and giving affection, she said. But the body language expert also detected another role that the prince is unconsciously revealing when he discusses becoming a parent.

“[Harry’s inner child] still in need of parental hugs throws up some contradictory body language signals when he talks about having children himself,” she added.

Prince Harry has carried on his mother Prince Diana's legacy by caring for children.
Prince Harry has carried on his mother Prince Diana's legacy by caring for children. [Image by Stefan Rousseau - WPA Pool/Getty Images]

Ultimately, while taking on the role of fatherhood appeals to the prince, according to James, she noted that he has observed the changes in Prince William.

Having Babies With Meghan Markle

“He does appear to long to have his own children,” admitted Judi.

But she also pointed out that he has observed how Prince William grew up after welcoming George and Charlotte into the world. The body language expert contended that the need to surrender his “child” status in order to become a father may be causing the mixed emotions that she viewed in Harry’s body language.

Earlier this year, Harry discussed his feelings about having children in an interview quoted by Town And Country magazine.

“I am determined to have a relatively normal life and if I am lucky enough to have children they can have one too,” he declared. “We don’t want to be just a bunch of celebrities but instead use our role for good.”

Wedding Bells And Babies

Meanwhile, engagement rumors continue to soar, along with reports claiming to have insider information about when wedding bells will ring and babies will arrive. However, one recent report from Hollywood Life addressing both just got debunked by Gossip Cop as fiction.

The original report quoted a supposed “Buckingham Palace insider” as stating that Meghan and Harry had discussed both marriage and babies, claiming that both would “definitely” happen.

“They have talked marriage and babies, and it is definitely in the cards.”

But Gossip Cop pointed out that a true insider at Buckingham Palace would not dish with a United States blog site about a member of the royal family’s plans to get married and have babies. Hollywood Life’s alleged insider also insisted that it was just a question of when and how, but that’s true for all couples, noted Gossip Cop.

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