Graphic: Cheerleader Ally Wakefield, 13, Forced Into Split By Ozell Williams, Screams As Muscles Tear [Video]

The video of 13-year-old Ally Wakefield being forced to do a split by Coach Ozell Williams and other cheerleaders is difficult to watch. Now Denver Police have gotten involved in the case where the cheerleading coach at East High School forced Ally into a painful split, as reported by 9 News. Several people at the school have been placed on leave after the events in the disturbing video were made known, including the cheer coach, assistant cheer coach, high school principal – as well as the assistant principal and the Denver Public Schools deputy general counsel. It was the start of cheer camp at East High School when the 13-year-old Wakefield found herself held down into a split in June by Coach Williams and her new cheerleading teammates.

Eight cheerleaders can be seen in the video, forcing Ally into a split, as Ally explained that Ozell had his knees on her back leg. The cheerleader was in so much pain that Ally says she begged her coach to make them stop, at least nine times. Wakefield continued to ask those pushing her down into the forced split to stop as her face contorted in pain. Later, Ally would explain how Ozell and the others pushed her into such pain that she felt her muscles tearing during the process. The minors in the video have had their identities obscured.

Warning: The below video is disturbing.

Meanwhile, Ozell is famous in his own right. Williams and his backflips are a well-known sight during Broncos games. Only one week into Ozell’s new gig as the cheerleading coach at East High School, Williams now finds himself placed on leave. The videos were recorded by others and sent to the media anonymously. Ally’s leg was injured when she was forced into the split.

The East High School Athletic Director, Lisa Porter, was informed of the incident via email, wherein Ally’s mom wanted to know what the school would do about the injury. Other girls have quit the cheer team in the wake of the viral video, with parents wondering why the painful split process was allowed in the first place. Complaints against Ozell have come into the school for months.


Now the school is dealing with the fallout from the viral East High School video, with the institution claiming that the above-listed folks have been placed on leave while the matter is investigated. When the results of the investigation into the cheerleading incident is complete, they will be shared with the public. The school claims they prohibit actions that place students in danger.

[Featured Image by Oleksandr Osipov/Shutterstock]