‘BB19’: Zingbot Is Back, But What Did He Call Alex?

The Big Brother 19 houseguests just a visit from Zingbot, the sharp-tongued robot who make annual visits to the CBS summertime house. But did Zingbot’s zings go too far as he dished out zings that body shamed and slut-shamed the Big Brother cast?

Zingbot showed up in the Big Brother house to host the Power of Veto competition, but he dished out a series of zings first—and one of them had fans scratching their heads. The Hollywood Reporter posted video of Zingbot’s return to the Big Brother house, which kicked off with a dig at Donald Trump.

“President Zingbot is here, b*tches,” the robot announced to the Big Brother 19 cast, adding, “Who would have thought a robot who got his start on a reality show could become the president?”

Zingbot even promised to “make America zing again,” before segueing into a progressively nastier succession of zings aimed at the Big Brother 19 houseguests.

While Zingbots’s jab at returning player Paul Abrahamian was classic—”Last season you taught me so much… how to have friendship, how to be pissed and how to lose half a million dollars,” the robot said—a few others were downright mean.

Big Brother houseguests Josh Martinez, arguably the most annoying houseguest on the show this season, was like a kid in a candy store as he waited for Zingbot to zing him—until he did. In one of the most mean-spirited digs of the night, Zingbot poked fun at Josh’s problems with losing weight, which was not cool, even if it was aimed at a pots and pans clanging man-child.

Zingbot also called Mark Jansen “bisexual,” saying every time he tried to get “sexual” with his Big Brother girlfriend, Elena, she said “bye.” Zing!

Zingbot also slammed Raven Walton’s clown makeup and sang a holiday tune about Christmas Abbott’s devastating (and, quite possibly, career-ending) ankle injury.

But Zingbot’s most controversial comment was directed at Big Brother contestant Alex Ow. Alex, who just came off a POV punishment that had her setting up camp and making hot dogs for the other Big Brother houseguests multiple times per day, received this zing from Zingbot: “What do you call someone with bleach blonde hair, wears cat ears, and handles lots of wieners?”

While Zingbot’s punch line was bleeped out because it was so offensive, it wasn’t hard for Big Brother fans to fill in the blanks. Big Brother evictee Jessica Graf and other fans weighed in on Zingbot’s Alex diss, which most people believe was a slut-shaming term such as “hoe” or “whore.” Surprisingly, some Big Brother fans even thought Alex deserved to be called a derogatory term.

While the Big Brother houseguests are fair game for Zingbot, one person the robot wouldn’t dare diss is Julie Chen. The longtime Big Brother host told Entertainment Weekly Zingbot isn’t stupid enough to bite the hand that feeds him.

“He’s no dummy,” the Big Brother host said of Zingbot. “He knows where his bread is buttered. He wouldn’t dare zing me cause he knows Chenbot will cut him down.”

Take a look at the video below to see Zingbot’s return to Big Brother and hear all of his zings.

Big Brother 19 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

[Featured Image by Johnny Vy/CBS]