'Big Brother 19' Spoilers: Who Is The Most Popular Member Of The 'BB19' Cast?

Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate a major shift in fan support this season. When it comes to the most popular member of the BB19 cast, it had seemed like Paul Abrahamian would continue to be that person, but a major shift has been taking place on social media. While Paul and his allies of Christmas Abbott and Alex Ow continue to run the BB19 house, it has created additional support for the underdog contestants. Could this be a huge hint that the player winning the award for America's Favorite Houseguest won't be Paul, Christmas, or Alex?

A new report by fan site Joker's Updates reveals that Cody Nickson and Mark Jansen are receiving a majority of the support from readers. Fans of the show can go on the site and take part in a poll where they rate each houseguest on a scale of zero points on up to five points. Cody, Mark, and Jessica Graf have received the top scores for three consecutive days. Mark has now surpassed Jessica, showing that he is receiving additional support following the eviction of Elena Davies. Those aren't the only potential Big Brother 19 spoilers about fan support.

In a report by fan site Big Brother Network, Cody Nickson has now surpassed Paul Abrahamian as the most beloved houseguest of voters in that particular poll. Paul had led this popularity poll for five straight weeks, but Cody is now receiving more votes after he was made a member of the BB19 jury. In fact, Cody is leading the way for the next week as well, with that voting to conclude on the next eviction night. He's not the only one seeing a spike in support, as Mark Jansen has surpassed Alex Ow to move into the top five houseguests.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it doesn't look good for Mark Jansen inside the BB19 house. It looks like he is about to get evicted on Thursday night (August 24), bringing an end to his goal of winning the $500,000 prize. These Big Brother 19 spoilers aren't that surprising with Paul Abrahamian and Christmas Abbott running the show, but it may have earned Mark some more fans. Mark became an underdog that more people started rooting for over the past week and producers helped that cause with footage during the CBS episodes.It will be very interesting if some of the BB19 jury house footage is shown soon, giving a look at what Cody Nickson and Elena Davies have been up to for the past week. The introduction of Mark Jansen this week could be a disappointing bit of news to them, though, but might also present some good footage for producers to work with. Seeing Mark and Cody outside of the game might just garner them further support in the coming weeks. Could that lead to one of them getting named America's Favorite Houseguest?

As these online polls don't necessarily measure how all CBS viewers are feeling this season, it might be too early to state that one of the evicted (or soon to be evicted) houseguests could win the popularity award over Paul Abrahamian. How Paul acts over the next few weeks, especially when he turns against either Alex Ow or Christmas Abbott might cost him some fans as well. Those should also be some interesting Big Brother 19 spoilers for fans to take into consideration when voting in the end-of-season CBS poll.

[Featured Image by Bill Inoshita/CBS]