$500 Million Left At Holy Site In Jerusalem

More than $500 million in checks was left at a holy site in Jerusalem this week.

According to Yahoo News, a worshipper at Jerusalem’s Western Wall found an envelope containing 507 checks for a million dollars each. The worshipper turned the checks over to the police who are currently trying to figure out if they are authentic.

Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch, who oversees Jerusalem’s Western Wall, said that he doubts that the checks are worth any money. Rabinovitch said that it isn’t uncommon for people to leave charity boxes at the Western Wall but said that he doesn’t believe that he’ll be able to use the $500 million left at the holy site.

The rabbi said that he has found similar checks at the Western Wall, but they usually can’t be cashed in. The recent checks — which came from the United States, Europe Asia, and Nigeria — weren’t addressed to anyone and Rabinovitch said that he was doubtful that they’ll be able to cash them.

So why would anyone leave $500 million in uncashable checks at the holy site? The rabbi said that he believes that whoever left the checks “wanted to give all they had to the Creator of the universe.”

The Jerusalem Post has a different theory. Since most of the checks came from Nigeria, it’s possible that the notorious email scammer, The Nigerian Prince, has had a change of heart and is giving all of his stolen money back to the people.