Owner Slices Open Pit Bull To Get Heroin Stash

Gloucester, MA — A man who allegedly “completely disembowled” his pet pit bull because the dog swallowed a bag of heroin has been charged with animal cruelty, according to police.

The Gloucester Times, which identified the owner as John “Jack” Duggan, reports what allegedly happened to the pit bull that was gutted:

“Police said that Duggan’s pit bull Xena had apparently swallowed unpackaged heroin that Dugan said he had left on a counter in his home, as well as a sealed bag of the narcotic. Officers believe that Dugan cut the pit bull open in order to retrieve the sealed bag of heroin, according to the police report.”

According to Fox Boston, the dog’s entrails were put in a plastic bag and thrown in a dumpster and the pit bull itself was tossed over an embankment.

The Times indicates that according to the police report, “Dugan confirmed officers’ suspicion that the dog had overdosed on heroin and died after eating the narcotic.” The suspect tried to explain his actions by telling police that “after the dog died, she began to bloat with gas, so he cut the pit bull open in order to make her body easier to dispose of by releasing the gases.”

Local and state police are investigating this incident, and additional charges could be forthcoming. In the meantime, animal control seized another pit bull the man owned.

Watch the suspect’s initial court appearance on charges of animal cruelty earlier this month:

[generic pit bull image credit: Dante Alighieri]