Jackie Chan Investigated By Hong Kong Police For Carrying Guns, Grenades

Jackie Chan is currently being investigated by Hong Kong authorities for allegedly carrying around guns and grenades in public, according to Kotaku.

In an effort to protect himself from Chinese gangsters who were intent on ending his life, the prolific action star said in a recent interview that he frequently carried around weaponry in case someone decided to launch an attack.

“In the past, when they bullied me, I hid in the United States,” Jackie Chan told the South China Daily Post. “They opened fire at me once I got off the airplane. From that moment on, I needed to carry a gun every day when I went out. When I returned to Hong Kong and ate outside, more than twenty people surrounded me with melon knives.”

The actor claimed that gangsters frequently threaten force Chinese actors into making motion pictures against their will. Chan claims he has been the target several times in the past.

He added, “I pulled out a gun, and had two more concealed. I told them they had been going too far and that I had been hiding from them. Later on, I confronted them with two guns and six grenades.”

Chan didn’t say where or when these instances of bullying took place.

According to Business Insider, China’s strict gun laws have forced police to investigate the statements made by Jackie Chan. Since carrying a gun is a seriously no-no in the country, the actor could find himself in a bit of legal trouble.

A spokesperson with the Hong Kong police confirmed that investigators were looking into Chan’s comments. However, it’s unclear whether or not officers will bring him in for questioning.

“We will see what he has said in the interview first,” the department said.

Do you think Jackie Chan should get in trouble for carrying guns and grenades in public?