‘Alaskan Bush People’ Billy Brown Talks About Ami’s Health And How Their Family Is Coping

Alaskan Bush People fans are heartbroken over Ami Brown’s stage 4 cancer diagnosis. While it is always tragic when something like this happens, for the Browns it meant the end of life they had chosen. To face the struggles of the Alaskan bush country with their seven children made the family extremely close.

An interview is a rare thing these days for the Browns. Today Alaskan Bush People‘s Billy Brown sat down with People Magazine and opened up about his thoughts on his family, as well as the care of his wife.

Billy said he has always had respect for Ami. In giving birth to their seven children, she handled the pain without a word. Dealing with cancer, however, the pain is at times overwhelming to the love of his life. As she bends over in pain and tears flow, it hurts him to see her that way. He knows that if she says it hurts, it is really bad.

When asked about leaving Browntown, Billy shared that their son Bear had brought it up to them before. It was a time when they were both feeling bad and Bear was concerned. Once the cancer diagnosis came, Bear wouldn’t take no for an answer. He wanted them out of the Alaskan bush and Ami receiving all of the care she needed. Of course, the entire family agreed and the decision was made that easily.



As for what they know of Ami’s current medical status, cancer has gotten into both lungs and is expected to begin to spread. While this is not good news in any way, if the cancer were to spread to the brain, it would be the most dangerous. When she goes to her treatments, Billy sits and holds her hand. When they are home, he sits with her all the time. Billy sounds as if his heart is breaking as he shared that he is afraid to sleep and miss time with her, even if she is sleeping. He just wants to sit and watch her breathe. Bear will spend time with his mother while the Alaskan Bush People father gets at least some sleep.

Billy Brown spoke about how the Brown children are handling their mother’s cancer. He says that some are in denial and not wanting to admit that their mother isn’t doing well. They all have faith, however. Faith has gotten the Wolfpack a long way, and they are counting on it this time as well.

[Featured Image by Discovery Channel]