'One Piece' Chapter 876 Spoilers: Katakuri Vs Luffy? Sanji Teams Up With Pudding, Chiffon To Make Wedding Cake

It will only be a matter of time before One Piece Chapter 876 will be officially released, and the summary of the upcoming chapter is already surfacing the web. Oro Jackson posted a quick summary which revolved around Big Mom, Lady Pudding, Charlotte Chiffon, the Strawhat Pirates, and their allies.

Big Mom, one of the four emperors of the sea, is currently having a tantrum that would only stop once her craving is satisfied. Due to the incident during the wedding and tea party, the lady Yonkou was unable to eat or even taste the wedding cake. Her sons and daughters made her believe that the Strawhat Pirates took some of the cake.

Zeus and Prometheus accompanied Charlotte Linlin and successfully tracked the enemy's location. In the previous chapters of One Piece, Nami managed to catch the attention of Zeus. She fed Zeus with weather balls in order to stop him from attacking them. Being distracted by his favorite food, Zeus forgot that he's carrying Big Mom and chasing the Strawhat Pirates.

One Piece Chapter 876 featured Nami coming up with a strategy to slow Big Mom down and launch a powerful attack. The lady navigator used all the weather ball Zeus ate to create a lighting bolt that struck Big Mom and sent her down a big hole. However, Charlotte Linlin managed to come out of the hole and continues pursuing the Strawhat Pirates.

Lady Pudding and Charlotte Chiffon appeared before Luffy's group. Sanji immediately noticed Pudding and felt a great relief that she's not hurt. Pudding's eyes turned into hearts after knowing that Sanji is concerned for her safety. Chiffon reminded Pudding that they don't have time to waste and need to immediately make the wedding cake to stop Big Mom's tantrums.

Chiffon asked Sanji to help them make the wedding cake. Without hesitation, Black Leg agreed to team up with Pudding and Chiffon and vowed to make a wedding cake that would stun Big Mom. One Piece Chapter 876 also showed the two faces of Lady Pudding.

During their conversation, the three-eyed Pudding showed up. For those who do not know, Pudding turned into an evil character when his third eye appears. In a forum on Reddit, One Piece fans can't help themselves but compare Pudding to Cavendish, who turns into a scary monster named Hakuba whenever he lost consciousness.

At first, Cavendish was unable to control the transformation, but after the Dressrosa arc, he somehow managed to handle his evil side. The three-eyed Pudding is supposed to be 100 percent evil. However, after meeting Sanji, her soft side was exposed, especially after Sanji told her that she's beautiful even though she has a third eye.

As of now, it remains unclear whether Pudding is really serious in helping the Strawhat Pirates or not. Meanwhile, the Strawhat Pirates and their allies headed to Sunny. Recalling in the past chapters of One Piece, Big Mom's allies managed to capture the ship and ask Brook and Chopper to surrender.

One Piece Chapter 876 revealed that Brook and Chopper fought back in order to protect their ship. The two managed to take down numerous enemies but not the executives and Charlotte Katakuri. The upcoming chapter will surely feature the battle between the Strawhat Pirates and their allies versus Big Mom's crews. One Piece fans must be expecting for the rematch between Luffy and Katakuri.

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