‘BB19’ Star Paul Abrahamian Doesn’t Even Understand How He Is Safe: Should They Not Bring Back Past Players?

Things are really heating up on Big Brother 19 this season. As of right now, it looks like Paul Abrahamian could end up winning the entire season. This wouldn’t shock any of the fans considering Paul has been running the entire house. Washington Post shared that Paul himself doesn’t even understand how he has been able to stay under the radar and not get evicted.

This weekend, Paul was seen telling the camera, “I don’t even know how I’ve made it so far, or why these people have not even considered putting me up on the block. But I’ll take it.” So far, everyone has just been letting Paul tell them what to do and keeping him around. Last season on the show, Paul came in second so he obviously has a good chance of winning.

Honestly, you would think that they would try to get rid of Paul Abrahamian and for some reason, they are just keeping him around. The ratings of Big Brother 19 have still been pretty good, but some people feel like it is a boring season where Paul is running the house. Most of the time if they bring in a vet, then they target them right away, but that didn’t happen this time.

Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf were the two people this season that Paul wanted to be sent home and he was able to pull it off. The entire season, everyone wants clues from Paul and even do what he tells them to do. Jessica even told everyone that they needed to get rid of Paul, but they didn’t listen at all. Mark has also noticed that Paul is in charge of the show. It looks like Paul Abrahamian may end up winning an easy $500,000 at the end of the season.

Cody Nickson is the latest evictee on Big Brother, hosted by Julie Chen.

Right now, it has the fans wondering if they should bring vets back into the game. This has made things pretty boring and has also made it look like there is a clear fan favorite. It is different when they bring in an entire house of vets who already know how to play the game, though.

Paul Abrahamian in the Big Brother House.

Do you think that Paul Abrahamian could end up winning the entire game? Do you feel like they shouldn’t keep bringing back past players unless it is a season of just them? Sound off in the comments below, and don’t miss new episodes of Big Brother 19 on CBS.

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