Miranda Lambert Reportedly Composing Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani-Inspired Songs Amid Engagement Rumors

Is Miranda Lambert still hurting from her divorce with Blake Shelton? The 33-year-old country singer is reportedly writing more songs about her ex-husband and his new lady love, Gwen Stefani, just as she surprises Anderson East with a marriage proposal.

Rumors about the former country music couple come and go but one thing is apparent: there is much hurt between Miranda and Blake to last a lifetime. In fact, a report from InTouch Weekly as cited by the Hollywood Life claims that she still has a lot to say about her failed marriage with Blake and is turning to music to get it all out of her chest.

According to the report, Miranda has been writing songs that refer to her ex until now even if it has already been two years since they decided to break up.

“Two years ago he dumped her, divorced her, and drove her out of their home in Tishomingo, OK,” the outlet’s source claimed.

“She’s not hiding anymore. And you can rest assured that she’s not through writing about Blake.”

According to the insider who is reportedly a friend of Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton not only broke her heart but also gave her more reasons to hate him after their divorce.

“Blake broke Miranda’s heart, blindsided her with the divorce, drove her out of his life and then immediately moved on to what seemed like the happiest of high-profile romances with Gwen.”

Miranda Lambert Is Reportedly Writing Songs About Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani

“That’s something that’s going to scar her forever. She was mortified when he began parading Gwen around, practically in front of her face,” the source added.

Moreover, the magazine’s insider continued to claim that the “Tin Man” songstress becomes more inspired to write more songs the more she hears about Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, noting that Miranda and Blake’s current lady love are total opposites.

“She’ll end up singing about how it felt like she’d been left for another woman and for bigger-than-life fame.”

Despite this, Miranda Lambert has more to be thankful for in her life to focus only on the bad as another report from InTouch Weekly claims that she is already engaged to her 29-year-old beau and fellow country singer Anderson East.

“They actually got engaged over the phone in late June,” an insider told the outlet.

“Miranda was playing a festival in Chicago and Anderson was at a gig in St. Louis. They were up talking long into the night and suddenly Miranda blurted out, ‘Will you marry me?’”

According to the report, the couple had been dating for a year and a half but Anderson was still caught off guard by the 33-year-old artist’s sudden marriage proposal. Even so, he still agreed on eloping.

“When Miranda told him that she was serious, Anderson didn’t think twice about saying yes.”

To top that off, Miranda Lambert and her rumored fiance have reportedly decided to get married in the fall and go on a tropical honeymoon.

Of course, all these should be taken with a grain of salt since the 33-year-old country singer remains mum about her plans for both her love life and her career.

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