‘Before The 90 Days’ News: Get To Know Patrick Cornett, What Reality Shows He Has Been ON

Before the 90 Days recently started on TLC, but we haven’t met all of the couples yet. This week viewers will get to know Patrick Cornett, but most viewers are going to realize that they know who he is as soon as they see him. Patrick has been on several other reality shows and is also an MMA fighter. Starcasm shared the news about who Patrick is and a few details about his relationship.

Patrick has done several reality shows, was an MMA fighter, and is also a DJ. One show that he was on is American Ninja Warrior. He was also on the show The Game of Dating. It seems like Patrick is on every single reality show he can get a chance to be on. Patrick was on the show The Broken Skull Challenge, which is with Steve Austin. This could all be because he wants fame, or it could be because he is hoping to further his MMA career by being on a lot of shows and getting his name out there. He might just need to end up on the right show for people to find him.

The girl that he is into is Myriam, and what nobody seems to know is if they are still together or not. It sounds like the viewers are going to have to wait on the show to see if he ends up with her or not. He actually just met her recently. It sounds like his relationship is a bit behind others on the show. They filmed different relationships at different times for this series.

Another thing about Patrick Cornett is that he has another daughter from a previous relationship. His ex says good things about him. It should make for an interesting relationship with his new woman.

This is the first time they have ever done a season where they show what happens before the 90 days. Several of these couples look like they will last, one looks like she is being catfished, and then nobody knows about Patrick Cornett just yet.

Did you wonder where you knew Patrick Cornett from? Do you think he has found true love on Before the 90 Days? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Before the 90 Days on Sundays on TLC.

[Featured Image by Patrick Cornett/Instagram]