‘Alaskan Bush People’ May Become Known As The ‘Colorado Bush People’ If Season 8 Happens, As Is Expected

Alaskan Bush People is in its seventh season on Discovery Channel. They have a dedicated fanbase that has tuned in every week to keep up with the family of nine. At the beginning of this season, it was said that this would be the final season. As time has gone on, however, there have been leaks and rumors of a Season 8, even though hard confirmation has yet to happen.

The following may contain Alaskan Bush People spoilers. If you don’t want to know, now is the time to stop reading.

The Alaskan Bush People have been in the news for weeks. Ami Brown’s health is a major concern for fans and the updates are coming slow. The current season’s shows are approximately eight weeks old by the time they air. The show, the family, and Discovery Channel have all kept the matter as private as they could, while viewers have been searching for updates.

There are several fan groups on Facebook that offer information on the Browns and Alaskan Bush People. The posts, coming from both fans and haters of the show, have plainly stated there will be a Season 8 for the Wolfpack. Nothing official has been announced, but rumors are swirling regarding the future of the show.

The Brown family has officially abandoned Browntown in Alaska. While Ami Brown’s treatments are taking place in Los Angeles, their final destination is Colorado. There have been pics and posts from Delores, Colorado both from residents and some of the Brown kids. When you run a simple Google search, type in “Colorado Bush People” and the first thing you see is Colorado Bush People – Alaskan Bush People | Discovery. This brings up Discovery Channel’s website to videos for Alaskan Bush People/Colorado Bush People. Apparently, they are getting ready for a Season 8 filmed in Colorado.



There have been rumors, but no confirmation, that Noah and Gabe will not be returning if there is a next season. There are more unanswered questions than before as Season 7 draws to an end. We do know for sure that Discovery Channel is ready to rename the hit show to Colorado Bush People.

Are you excited to hear that Colorado Bush People may be taking the place of Alaskan Bush People? Do you think that Gabe and Noah will join Billy in creating a new Browntown in the wilderness of Colorado? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Discovery Channel]