Computer Glitch Sends License Suspension Notices To Unsuspecting Drivers

Just what you need after a long day at work is to come home and find your license and registration is in jeopardy of being suspended. A technology update in the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles is causing hundreds of people a bit of angst when opening their mail this month.

It seems a long overdue update in the Motor Vehicle Department finally took place last month, but that cross over of ridding the old and installing the new has caused some glitches. The spokesperson for the Rhode Island DMV said the letters incorrectly warned drivers that they have failed to get their vehicle inspection when due and now there are consequences.

According to Fox News, those consequences are the suspension of your license and vehicle registration rendering you unable to legally drive or to legally have the vehicle on the road. This is not going to happen, but for those who open these letters, they might not know this at the time.

That doesn’t set a very good pace for the rest of your day. According to Paul Grimaldi, the spokesperson for the Rhode Island DMV, the 739 records that reflected vehicles inspection were lacking have been updated to show they are in good standing. Letters are going out about the mistake to those who received the inspection overdue warnings.

Computer glitch sends out letter to Rhode Island drivers that their license is in jeopardy of suspension

A Hewlett Packard Enterprise company that is based out of Palo Alto, California, was sued by the state last year for an unfinished project on the DMV’s 40-year-old computer system. That suit was settled in April.

Decades ago when people did everything by hand, mistakes were made, and a few people might get a warning like this. But when you are dealing with the technology today, when a mistake is made it can often go across the board and letters go out to the masses.

Back in February, a computer glitch sent hundreds of people in Mobile, Alabama, delinquent tax notices by mistake, reports WKRG local news. People were freaking out thinking their property taxes were paid when they got a letter telling them they were not. But that was all fixed for the folks in this southern city.

Drivers find license in jeopardy after computer glitch sends out erroneous letters

News KMBC reported last year how a computer glitch sent out a tornado warning to folks in Kansas, a place that takes these warnings very seriously. Tornados come quickly and they give you little time to get to a safe place. It was due to a malfunction somewhere in a computer that put people on high alert.

Another very bizarre computer glitch sent shares of technology stock in a frenzy. They all opened at the same price back in the beginning of July. These stocks included Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon, according to the Telegraph. That was a glitch that rocked the financial markets. There are dozens of stories under “computer glitch” if you do a Google search, as modern technology does have a down side from time to time.

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