‘Big Brother 19’ Recap: Spoilers From August 23 Episode, ‘BB19’ House Awards Power Of Veto With Zingbot

This Big Brother 19 recap provides spoilers from the August 23 episode. The crux of the episode was to cover what took place in the BB19 house over the weekend. That included the Veto Competition and the Veto Ceremony, with an important Power of Veto in play that Mark Jansen really needed to win to save himself from eviction. This Episode 27 recap comes from a live CBS presentation on Wednesday, August 23, at 8 p.m. PT/ET.

To recap what took place during the August 20 Big Brother 19 episode, it was revealed that Christmas Abbott had won the Head of Household Competition. Paul Abrahamian lost it on purpose to allow Christmas to take the power and give him the opportunity to play for the HOH next week. At the Nomination Ceremony, Christmas put Matthew Clines and Jason Dent on the block, but it was very apparent that the plan was to backdoor Mark at the upcoming Veto Ceremony.

The August 23 Big Brother 19 recap picks up after the “previously on Big Brother” segment came to an end. Episode 27 began with several Diary Room sessions that followed the Nomination Ceremony. Christmas Abbott confirmed that she was using two pawns this week, but that if they couldn’t get Mark Jansen out of the BB19 house, her next target was Jason Dent. Mark also noted that he used his temptation power to save Paul Abrahamian for the week, hoping it could win him some favor in the game. It did not.

Paul discussed with Christmas and Josh Martinez how he wanted the trio to make it to the end. In a Diary Room session, Paul spoke about how he wanted the final five to be himself, Josh, Kevin Schlehuber, Christmas, and Raven Walton. He feels that that is a group of five people that would allow him to easily win the $500,000 on the season finale, so it highlights his targets as being Mark Jansen, Matt Clines, Alex Ow, and Jason Dent. Alex won’t like catching wind of this plan, as she thinks she has a final two deal with Paul.

Joining Christmas Abbott, Jason Dent, and Matt Clines in the Veto Competition were Raven Walton, Paul Abrahamian, and Mark Jansen. Mark was extremely excited that he would have the chance to win the Power of Veto, as winning it would allow him to keep the nominees the same for the week and extend his stay in the BB19 house. It was then time for a dramatic fade out and a commercial break for the August 23 Big Brother 19 episode.

There was a bit of fallout following the Veto Ceremony, as Christmas got to choose someone to play for the Power of Veto, but she picked Raven instead of Alex Ow. She stated in a Diary Room session that she blanked before making the decision and it immediately worried Jason and Alex, who couldn’t understand the decision. Paul tried to calm them down a bit, but they seemed to remain very stressed out about what had just taken place. It was then time for Zingbot to come in the front door and begin his jokes for Big Brother 19.

The Veto Competition was a familiar one, with the object to transport enough liquid from one end of a slide to the other, with the winner of the Power of Veto being the person who filled up their container the fastest. Mark Jansen was having an extremely difficult time with the slippery slide, continuously falling down and likely covering himself in bruises. It became very obvious that he wasn’t going to be in the running to win this challenge. Jason Dent and Paul Abrahamian seemed to have the easiest time working toward the victory.

Jason Dent was able to keep up his consistency and ended up winning the Power of Veto. This gave Jason the opportunity to save himself from the block at the Veto Ceremony, providing Christmas Abbott the chance to either make a big game move or simply continue targeting Mark Jansen. At the Veto Ceremony, Jason saved himself from the block and Christmas just went with the original plan, using Mark as the replacement nominee. Mark Jansen and Matt Clines are now on the block for the August 24 Eviction Ceremony.

That brings an end to the August 23 Big Brother 19 recap, setting the stage for the Eviction Ceremony to take place on August 24. Another report by the Inquisitr reveals the vote tally and other Big Brother 19 spoilers, including who is about to get sent to the BB19 jury house.

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