Photos Of Malia Obama’s First Hours At Harvard And Her Answer To Reporter’s Question

Malia Obama was seen with her parents, Barack and Michelle Obama, moving into her Harvard dorm on Monday. The milestone event made news after the former first daughter took a gap year before enrolling at the Ivy League university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Plenty of photographers and reporters were on-hand to witness the event, but no one rushed up to her or made any commotion. Barack and Michelle were seen leaving the freshman dorm with their eyes covered in sunglasses after helping her move in, reportedly shedding tears after dropping their eldest daughter off to begin a new chapter in her life.

As the video shows below, several images were captured of Malia Obama’s first hours at Harvard as she got settled in. She was photographed with a group of other friends who are also attending Harvard. One blonde student appeared to be a friend she had known a while, Daily News captioned in the video as various shots were featured in the slideshow. She was in casual attire sipping water and hanging out with those presumably to be her fellow classmates. One guy seen with Malia has a sister who was posting messages on Twitter about him making friends with the former first daughter, and joked how it could mean going on family vacations with the Obamas, calling Malia’s father, “Barack,” etc. The tweets by Robin Dagger can be viewed in the video, but have since been removed from her account. Daily News notes that Robin’s brother probably “wasn’t thrilled” with his sister’s humorous take on the photos.

According to the Boston Globe, Malia Obama politely “brushed off” one of their reporters when she was asked for an interview.

“I can’t,” Malia said, shaking the reporter’s hand.

It’s unclear why Malia Obama declined the request. Maybe she’s been instructed not to allow the media into her personal life or she just doesn’t want to bothered at this time. The privacy of former presidents’ children is still suppose to be respected even after they leave the White House. Some readily speak to the media, such as Chelsea Clinton and Jenna Bush Hager; they tend to take on very public roles and dealing with the press is a purview of their work.

Details of what Malia Obama will be majoring in at Harvard aren’t disclosed, but there’s speculation that she may study in the field of film or entertainment.

[Featured Image by Miriam May – Pool/Getty Images]