Amber Portwood’s New Man Is Several Thousand Dollars In Debt, Fans Think The Pattern Looks Familiar

Amber Portwood has a new man in her life, Andrew Glennon, and fans are relived that she’s rid of her ex, Matt Baier. However, it’s been revealed that Glennon is actually several thousand dollars in debt, and fans are worried that this is a repeat of her relationship with Matt Baier. During the time Amber Portwood was with Baier, he stole over one hundred thousand dollars of her money in order to gamble in Las Vegas. And now fans are worried history is about to repeat itself with Glennon, who is reportedly over $8,000 in debt himself.

Portwood met Glennon earlier this summer while she and Matt Baier were working on their relationship via Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars Family Edition. Her mother, Tonya, was also included on the show, as they were reportedly also working on their relationship.

Glennon has already been filming for Teen Mom OG, despite the fact that Amber and Matt have only been separated for three months. Some fans have worried that this is far too soon for her to jump into another relationship, but Amber Portwood has expressly stated that three months is more than long enough to nab herself another man.

According to Radar Online, Glennon was slammed with a judgement by collections group Sequoia Concepts INC for nearly $9,000, though it is difficult to tell if this impacts him in any way today.

Some have even speculated that Glennon might be with Amber in order to cash in on her Teen Mom OG check, though that has not been confirmed.

It has been reported that Matt Baier is “furious” over Portwood’s new relationship, claiming that she may have even cheated on him while the pair of them were together filming Marriage Bootcamp. At first, he was very cordial about the whole deal, saying he wished Amber well in her new life. However, lately, he’s seeming much more upset about their relationship not working out, and Amber has stated that it is time for him to leave her alone. According to the reality TV star, he had his chance and it is now time for him to move on.

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