Jacob Roloff Working On New Book, Thanks Girlfriend Isabel For Support

The youngest of the Roloff siblings is working on a follow-up to his book, Verbing. Jacob also announced that his girlfriend, Isabel Rock, is doing her own writing project.

Jacob broadcasted through his Instagram account that he is already working on his second book, a couple of months after publishing Verbing. Jacob also revealed that his new book will be called Out To See, and that it will be better and longer than his previous one.

Jacob took the opportunity to show his appreciation to everyone who spent the time and money to read his first book, which he described as a collection of his "thoughts in physical form." Jacob said that he's excited about the many feedback he has received regarding his book.

Jacob also shared a paragraph from Verbing, which said, "I allowed myself to be in such a frustrated state of mind for a long time, until hitting a wall of reason knowing that there must be another way. I retreated just a little bit further into seclusion with books, and cultivation of intellect and mind. These too, I have learned, are just tools. Tools for finding a sense of self, love, and respect for others, and appreciation for reality — which you then realize has been there all along, waiting, whereafter you can cease cultivation and enjoy the dance of the moment."

Jacob posted another photo, this time of a smiling Isabel surrounded by a field of sunflowers. He included a heartfelt note praising her for all her help and support.
"Also the most thanks to this lady for helping me in every way and reading and rereading endlessly to check for errors. And for her support. Izzy Sofia Rock deGarreton, I love you a lot."
Jacob is admired by fans for his intelligence, love for books, talent for writing, and thirst for adventure. Even his father Matt chimed in by describing him as "the coolest, best read man on the farm." Many supporters also commended Jacob for being genuine and for striving to find what would make him happy.

The former Little People, Big World star stirred some controversy a couple of years ago after quitting the show. According to In Touch Weekly, Jacob claimed that the producers of the reality show were creating storylines that were "harmful." He also shared in his book that the show was "orchestrated" and that it forced him "to grow up."

Jacob is now busy enjoying life as he travels to different places with Isabel and their dogs. He's also spending most of his time reading books as well as writing a couple of his own. Despite being out of the reality show for quite some time now, Jacob was seen helping out the rest of the family in preparing the Roloff Farms for Molly and Joel's wedding.

News that Jacob remained estranged was further squelched as he has been seen more frequently with other members of the Roloff family. Just a few days ago, Jacob and Isabel visited his mom Amy. The Little People, Big World matriarch shared a photo on social media of herself with Jacob and Izzy's dog, Luna. The Instagram post, which showed Luna trying to kiss Amy, proved that all are well with Jacob and her.

Older brother Jeremy, meanwhile, showed how much he cared for his little brother through an Instagram post. Jeremy shared that Jacob has been helping him out with his house renovation projects in preparation for the birth of his daughter with wife Audrey. Jeremy described Jacob as "a smart dude with a good heart."

[Featured Image by Amy Roloff/Facebook]