Jenelle Evans’ Son, Jace, Admits He Doesn’t Want To Live With Her

Jenelle Evans has been engaged in a custody battle with her mother, Barbara Evans, for the past several years. After she gave birth to her son, Jace, she quickly signed his custody over to her mother due to an ongoing heroin addiction and inability to care for him. According to Jenelle Evans, her mother was due to “give him back” when she “got her act together,” however, the courts have not ruled in Jenelle’s favor when it comes to this assertion.

The pair recently went back to court earlier this summer, where a more official custody arrangement was put in place. However, that definitely did not make Jenelle happy, as she had hoped that she would have her son live with her permanently.

Although Jenelle Evans claims that her son constantly asks her when he will be living with her forever, he recently admitted on Teen Mom 2 that he doesn’t want to live with her at all. Previously, he has told his grandmother, Barbara Evans, that he doesn’t like going over to Jenelle’s house, and when asked if he had a good time at his recent visit, he told his grandmother that he didn’t. He was also asked if was excited for his next visit with Jenelle Evans and her fiancé, but he answered that he was not.

Tensions between Barb and Jenelle have been high, so high that they threw separate parties for Jace when he turned 8 earlier this summer.

Despite Jace’s hesitation, he was taken to New York City with Jenelle Evans and her fiancé, David Eason, as well as his daughter, Maryssa, for last-minute wedding preparations. She fitted him with a suit, as he will be in the wedding, and Maryssa tried on her flower girl dress, all for the Instagram cameras.

When asked if he was happy Jenelle was marrying David Eason, Jace replied that it was “not bad or good” to his grandmother, Barbara.

Jenelle’s fiancé, David, was recently able to push back a court date about his violation of an order to stay away from his ex and their son, Kaden, whom he hasn’t seen in several years. If he had been ordered to serve 60 days in jail, he would have missed his own wedding.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]