Has ‘BB’ Over Done The Returning Player Gig And Should ‘BB19’ Be The Last Season With A Vet?

Big Brother fans tune in each year to watch the antics of a house full of strangers as they form alliances to pick each other off one by one. The show is a major hit and is in Season 19. With Julie Chen as the host of the show, she is the only constant in the series.

Season 7 was a dedicated All-Stars show. Each of the Big Brother houseguests was a returning player. They had been there and done that before so it everyone was on a level playing field. It was a summer of fun and controversy that allowed fans to pull for their favorite in the best of the best competition.

Big Brother has brought back players from previous seasons several times. The thing is, it brings complaints from fans each season. While fans enjoy catching up with their favorite ex-houseguests, seeing them back in action with a group of new players can cause the exact thing that is happening this year.

According to The Washington Post, what they are calling the “Paul situation” is why there shouldn’t be returning players introduced into the game. The protectiveness the houseguests have for Paul may not have hurt the ratings, but it has made the season boring for viewers. Everything is predictable, and big moves are just implementing Paul’s plans.

With Paul having entered the Big Brother 19 house as the runner up for Season 18, the goal should have been to get him out as quick as possible. Instead, Mr. Friendship was welcomed by some very excited fans who have joined his team to clear the path to $500, 000 for him.



This article comes at the same time as Julie Chen’s interview that was reported to you earlier by the Inquisitr. She said that she is hoping to see Jessica invited back to Big Brother for a possible All-Star’s season. Julie has said before that she was Team Jessica and had hoped to see her win the game. The problem with an All-Star Season would be the availability of some of the former players. Life happens, people get married, have kids, and start careers. The likelihood of recruiting the ones they really want is slim.

What do you think of returning houseguests into a regular season of Big Brother? Would you be interested in an All-Stars Season? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Johnny Vy/CBS]