Dallas McCarver 911 Call: Updates On Insulin, Foods Bodybuilder Ate, Cause Of Death, $15,803 GoFundMe [Video]

The tributes to Dallas McCarver are pouring into Facebook, as more information about the tragic death of the popular 26-year-old bodybuilder is released. As seen on the Facebook page of friend Dave Liberman, who added photos of Dallas “Big Country” McCarver to Facebook on Tuesday, August 22, Liberman and many others were looking forward to enjoying McCarver as the guest IFBB posing pro at an upcoming October bodybuilding show in Cleveland. Instead, fans and loved ones are mourning the sad passing of McCarver and hearing more information revealed in the below 911 call from TMZ as Dallas’ unnamed friend tried to perform CPR on McCarver.

As heard in the audio of the 911 call, McCarver’s friend sounded frustrated and desperate as he spoke to the 911 operator about trying to breathe life back into Dallas. He told 911 that it seemed like some food in Dallas’ throat was blocking his lifesaving breaths. He explained to the operator that attempting to turn McCarver over and perform other CPR measures wasn’t working, and that Dallas wouldn’t come back to life. The 911 call features Dallas’ friend estimating that McCarver may have been in that state on the floor for about 30 minutes to an hour. Reports that Dallas may have been consuming insulin are being reported by TMZ, something that treats diabetes.

Insulin is a substance also used at times by some bodybuilders to try and help build muscles. Already, the forums on Bodybuilding.com are buzzing with rumors about what Dallas may have taken.

“He took a massive shot of peptides/Insulin and passed out/choked on his food midmeal. It wasn’t Cell Tech…it was the drop in his blood sugar. Friend of his told my client who informed me earlier this morning. He was apparently up to 30+ iu of Humalog per meal.”

According to Bass Killer Online, Humalog is a fast-acting insulin that causes water retention, which can help muscles look fuller. It is described as a powerful hormone that is risky for folks who don’t need insulin due to medical conditions. The site notes that while many bodybuilders prefer to bring their Humalog with them to their gyms and inject it directly following a workout, misuse of insulin can cause “immediate death.”

Dallas McCarver
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McCarver previously passed out onstage in March, as seen in the below video, and Dallas had to be helped off of the stage. According to TMZ, McCarver’s friend thinks that Dallas might have gone through a similar weakened situation, but since it happened while Dallas was eating and alone, he choked on his food.

Dallas was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead on Tuesday morning, and now the bodybuilding community is reeling from his death.

Meanwhile, Dallas had a popular YouTube channel, where McCarver would answer questions from fans about his workouts, supplements, and what he liked to eat. Although it isn’t known what Dallas was eating when he choked, McCarver spoke about his normal pre-workout meals, which consisted sometimes of jasmine rice, and eight to 10 ounces of chicken. Dallas’ post-workout meal consisted of about two cups of jasmine rice and 10 ounces of flounder, the fish McCarver preferred.

Dallas also advised people how to increase their appetites.

A GoFundMe campaign for the Dallas McCarver Foundation has raised $15,803 of its $150,000 goal as of this writing.

Dallas McCarver
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