SNES Classic Console Pre-Order Offers Needless Bundles, Deemed ‘Borderline Unethical’

It appears that the SNES Classic console has been met with pre-order fraught even though Nintendo said that they’d be ready for the onslaught of pre-orders compared to the discontinued NES Classic. Many companies like Best Buy, Amazon, GameStop, Target, and Walmart had their online shopping carts at the ready, and when it was go-time, some customers’ orders had been unfulfilled during the check-out process.

This event is similar to those who frantically try to get tickets to San Diego Comic-Con. Big Bang Theory even has proven that in a satirical bit.

Now, other companies like GameStop and Think Geek are taking advantage of their pre-orders by bundling the SNES Classic consoles with unneeded products. This method of operation was deemed “borderline unethical“, according to Mashable. That said, this allowed them to bump up their prices as high as $120.

The thing is, though, this hasn’t stopped people from laying down their cash for such exorbitant prices. Think Geek has all their SNES Classic bundles out of stock at the time of this article.

This includes a high-dollar item that comes with a canvas piece of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which went for $329.99. Other bundles included a Mega Man helmet, Street Fighter statue, Super Mario plush mushroom, a mug, and a 2018 calendar. Then there is the Legend of Zelda Triforce Light and Collector’s Chess Set and the Super Mario canteen as well as a Tetris LED desk lamp. Finally, another Think Geek Super NES Classic bundle included a Sheikah Slate sketchbook and a Breath of the Wild shield backpack.

Apparently, it looks like people are willing to take on that one-month lease equivalent. Also, scalpers have already taken to eBay to flip the products they had pre-ordered.

Some stores like Toys ‘R’ Us will not be doing any pre-orders and thus will just have it available in-store come September 29. Hopefully, people won’t be fighting over these SNES Classic consoles. Anyone remember when the Cabbage Patch Kids came out? That was a disaster in stores, and that was before online shopping.

[Featured Image by Adam Berry/Getty Images]