Jon And Kate Gosselin Custody Update: Daughter Taken Away In Ambulance After Custody Dispute

The Inquisitr previously reported that Jon and Kate Gosselin were recently involved in a custody dispute that resulted in the police being called to the scene. However, since then, more details have emerged about what happened. The incident involved 13-year-old Hannah Gosselin, one of the famous sextuplets, on August 15. The young girl refused to leave her father’s car as Jon attempted to hand over the children to Kate.

According to a report, Hannah “screamed and violently resisted” being moved from her father’s car. An eyewitness stated that Kate Gosselin told Hannah to get out of the car while Jon, her father, told her to “fight it” if she didn’t want to go with Kate.

The whole ordeal lasted approximately three hours, and an ambulance was called for Hannah after she injured her arm. At the hospital, Kate told the staff that she thought Jon was a danger to her children, and he was asked to leave while Hannah was treated for injuries to her arm. It appears Hannah was released not long after.

The source also stated that the pair had an emergency hearing over Hannah’s custody after the youngster refused to go to Kate’s house; however, the judge has granted the couple a 50/50 split until they can review the case further.

An insider recently revealed to Hollywood Life that Hannah does not want to live with Kate Gosselin at all, though it is unclear why. It was also revealed that a police officer told Hannah that she would go into foster care if she did not go home with her mother during the custody exchange in the parking lot, and the 13-year-old replied that she would rather do that than go home with her mother.

The new trial will determine whether the couple will get 50/50 custody of all of the sextuplets, not just Hannah. Reportedly, Jon Gosselin is very keen to see his children more and hopes that the judge ends up ruling in his favor. In the meantime, Kate sees the sextuplets much more often than Jon does, which is partially why there is so much drama between them.

The custody arrangement of their older twins was not discussed.

[Featured Image by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]