Heidi Klum Calls Out Simon Cowell For Being Too ‘Harsh’ To Mel B On ‘AGT,’ Bad Blood?

Heidi Klum is putting Simon Cowell on blast for his “harsh” comments to fellow judge Mel B on America’s Got Talent on August 22.

After a whole lot of drama went down on the most recent episode of the NBC talent search (and saw Mel throw a glass of water over the former American Idol judge), Heidi is now revealing how she really feels about her co-judges’ on-air fight.

The stunning model spoke about the drama following the show and revealed that she’s very much on Team Mel. She rallied around her fellow female judge after Cowell brought up her impending divorce from estranged husband Simon Belafonte.

“He was pretty harsh today,” the mom of four said in a post-show interview with Hollywood Life on August 22. “I think he deserved getting wet from her and I knew it was coming too.”

The star then went on to admit that she knew Mel wasn’t going to take any sass from Simon on the show, which went out live to the nation.

“She’s not going to take that from him,” she said of the America’s Got Talent moment that’s got everyone talking.

“You know, I just have to be quick always between all of them,” Heidi then joked of staying out of the line of fire amid the water throwing between the duo.

“When I feel it coming I already have to know,” Klum continued. “Am I going backwards, am I going forwards? You have to be quick with those two!”

But while everything looked pretty serious and dramatic between the two British stars during their fight live on the show, Heidi admitted that the drama was actually a little heightened by the duo for the AGT cameras and denied that the twosome are now caught in a nasty feud.

“It’s kind of their thing though,” she clarified of the drama.

Mel also spoke out about soaking Simon on the AGT stage and clarified that their fight was actually just all in good fun, despite her storming off from the set.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight after the show, the former Spice Girl said that she actually threw her beverage at her fellow judge “in a friendly way” and noted that they’re still good friends after their live fight.

Heidi Klum slams 'harsh' Simon Cowell for mentioning Mel B's divorce on 'America's Got Talent'
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“He should know, if you say something inappropriate he’s gonna get like, stuff thrown at him,” the former Spice Girl said when recounting the AGT drama that left Heidi a little wet and host Tyra Banks pretty shocked during the live broadcast.

She then joked about the last time she threw water at him during the audition stages earlier this year and revealed that she “made sure there was no ice in it this time… just fizzy water.”

As fans watching America’s Got Talent live on NBC for the latest round of performances saw, Simon and Mel got into it as the cameras rolled after Cowell made a tongue in cheek remark about his fellow judge’s wedding night.

Heidi Klum Calls Out Simon Cowell For Being Too 'Harsh' To Mel B On 'AGT'
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“I kind of imagine this would be like Mel B’s wedding night,” he said following magician Demian Aditya’s lackluster performance that was plagued by technical difficulties.

Simon’s joke caused Mel to get up from her seat, throw water at him, and storm off stage as Heidi was caught in the middle of the water fight and appeared to get splashed.

“A lot of anticipation, not much promise or delivery,” he then joked as he sat back down in his AGT judging chair with his white shirt soaked.

Notably, Mel and her estranged husband Stephen — who she married in 2007 — have made headlines recently for their impending divorce, which has turned pretty nasty over the past few months.

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