‘BB19’ Rumors: The Houseguests Are Afraid To Upset BB18 Vet, Are They Displaying Signs Of Stockholm Syndrome?

BB19 fans saw Paul Abrahamian walk into the house on premiere night and shock the houseguests. Everyone except Kevin knew exactly who he was. The only one that didn’t seem happy to meet him was Cody. Do you ever wonder if they think back to that introduction and wonder what might have been without Paul in the house?

The Pendant of Protection that was awarded to Paul in the Den of Temptation changed BB19 for Paul. Had he not been given that by the Big Brother viewers, he would have faced the block during Week 1. Instead, he was safe for three weeks. That is all the time Paul needed to take control of the BB19 house.

Week after week, Paul has constructed a plan and managed to get it executed. Team Paul or not, you have to admit the guy is playing the game. He has his core team that has not made a move all season without his influence. Now that the BB19 house is down to nine houseguests, Paul is very close to getting players positioned exactly where he wants them.

Even though some of the BB19 houseguests are talking about making a move that would benefit their game, they won’t do it. If they keep Mark, they would gain a number for themselves as well as an awesome competitor. Instead, staying in Paul’s good graces remains their biggest goal for the week — to execute Paul’s plan and evict Mark.

Big Brother was originally promoted as a social experiment. They had to change that because there are no controls in place for the subjects, aka houseguests. That didn’t stop psychologists from analyzing the show, however. Times Higher Education called Big Brother a psychological show and dissected each area to assess it.



With the lack of external influence, the BB19 houseguests are living in a bubble. Paul has risen to the top of the pecking order by professing his knowledge as a BB18 vet that came in second. He is the master manipulator, as the houseguests should remember from last season. They, instead, threw out what they knew about him and began to blindly join Team Paul in his every plan. Even when the move isn’t a good one for them, they follow. They don’t want to disappoint Paul, and really don’t want him to target them.

All of this leads viewers to wonder why. Why do they continue to execute Paul’s plans week after week? Why are they allowing themselves to be used and manipulated? Has Paul taken such control of the environment in the BB19 house that the houseguests are displaying some signs of Stockholm Syndrome? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Johnny Vy/CBS]