‘Alaskan Bush People’ Filming New Season ‘Soon,’ Some Fed Up With ‘Fake’ Show

The season finale of Alaskan Bush People will air on Wednesday night and will be two hours long. Fans are hoping to get an update on Ami Brown, who was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year, and they are also hoping for confirmation that the show will continue filming for a new season. For those who want to be more “in the know,” the Facebook page, “Alaskan Bush People Exposed,” has revealed some information ahead of the finale.

The site, which has lots of insider information about the show, has confirmed that the Browns will start filming for another season “soon.” As most people know, the Browns are currently living in Colorado after abandoning their homestead in Alaska. For years, critics have called the show “fake” and have wondered about the “real” lives of the Browns, who don’t seem to be roughing it that much anymore. In fact, since many of the cast members have joined social media, it makes “living in the Bush” even more of a tall tale.

Since the Browns no longer reside in the Alaskan wilderness, the show seems to be carrying on merely because people want to see what’s next for the Brown family and some fans genuinely care about the people they have come to know and love.

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However, even the latest clip from the show on Discovery’s website is titled, Colorado Bush People, signifying that the family has moved on from their old life.

Former fans of Alaskan Bush People are outraged because the show is still on the air, portraying this family as something they are not. Since the show has been called “fake” for years, this isn’t surprising. The latest comments about the show and the direction it has taken only further suggest that the Browns haven’t been completely honest about who they really are.

“Cheers, let’s drink to the ‘integrity’ of this [wonderful] family. Bless these honest people on their journey to the new Browntown,” one Facebook user said sarcastically.

“I won’t be watching.Done with all this fake so called life style,” said another.

“I quit watching too! This group gives me way more entertainment! I admit they had me fooled for a while. But I was always trying to figure out their logistics and that they always had new lumber and rolls of plastic,” added a third.

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Another Facebook user seemed to hit the nail right on the head.

“Can this show REALLY be called ‘bush’ people when they are living in suburbs, vacationing throughout the US and all of them have social media? Let’s stop the crazy. Seriously,” she wrote.

Are you a fan of Alaskan Bush People? Do you think that the show is fake? If so, do you think that it has always been fake? Do you plan on watching the Brown family as they continue their journey next season? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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