Real Vs. Fake Photos Of Trump’s Phoenix Crowd, Bizarre Beliefs Of ‘Blacks For Trump’ Man, Black Trump Fan Hit

There was quite a bit of drama at the Phoenix rally of President Donald Trump on Tuesday, August 22. First off, Trump supporters began spreading around photos that touted the “massive crowd waiting outside for the Trump rally in Phoenix,” but those crowd photos were actually taken from the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers victory parade, with estimates of 1.3 million people showing up, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Even though the Cleveland Cavaliers colors could be seen worn by the crowd in the photos and the famous St. Clair street in Cleveland is visible, along with plenty of Cleveland greenery and foliage, that didn’t stop folks from trying to pass off the photos as if they were taken during Trump’s Phoenix rally. As seen in photos like those seen below, Trump fans wrote about there being “no better feeling than a Phoenix rally,” with none of the Trump supporters paid to be there.

However, those who know how to right-click a photo and search Google for the real source of the image were quick to reveal that the images were really from the Cleveland parade. As reported by the Independent, real photos from Trump’s Phoenix rally show a half-empty room.

As reported by the Washington Post, Trump “ranted and rambled in Phoenix,” and Trump’s crowd slowly thinned. An image taken from the other side of the room as President Trump spoke to the crowd at the Phoenix Convention Center shows the sparse crowd.

And then there was the man who prominently held the “Blacks for Trump” sign behind President Trump. According to TMZ, his name is Maurice Symonette, and to travel down his website and YouTube channel is like a trip down a bizarre rabbit hole. Maurice spouts beliefs about Trump being some sort of biblical savior, writes about Native Americans owing money, and attempts to collect donations for his own cause. Maurice calls Cherokee Indians the real KKK slave masters.

Meanwhile, the scene outside the Trump Phoenix rally was indeed hectic, with a black Trump supporter getting punched in the face after he stopped his friend from getting into a fight with anti-Trump protesters, as reported by Mediaite. Warning: The below video may contain disturbing language and scenes.

[Featured Image by Ralph Freso/Getty Images]