Robert F. Kennedy's Son Max And Granddaughter Caroline Arrested After Wild Hyannisport Party

The son and granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy were arrested last weekend in Hyannisport, Massachusetts, not far from the storied Kennedy compound. Max Kennedy (Matthew Maxwell Taylor Kennedy), 52, and Caroline Kennedy (Caroline Summer Rose Kennedy), 22, were confronted by the Barnstable police after neighbors made noise complaints. At the end of the confrontation, where they mouthed off to the police, both ended up in handcuffs.

Both Max and Caroline Kennedy were taken in on disorderly conduct charges at 1 a.m. on Sunday, August 20. Rather than apologize, the Kennedys allegedly played the entitlement card and raged at the Massachusetts police.

Officer Armando Feliciano wrote a report of his interaction with the Kennedy offspring.

"Maxwell Kennedy came to the door and immediately became angry with me. I asked Kennedy to provide some identification. He became even more irate with me. I observed Kennedy to have noticeably bloodshot and glassy eyes and he was sweating profusely during our conversation."

Officer Feliciano then explained that Max Kennedy told them not to enter the house, but they entered anyway.

"Kennedy was yelling at me not to enter the house. As I moved closer to the door, Kennedy continued to yell and scream at me and refused any corporation whatsoever. He told me to leave."
The officers conducting the search said that instead of turning the loud music down, it was turned up, and neither Kennedy would confirm that they were the homeowners. Officer Feliciano states that Max Kennedy was "unsteady on his feet" and obviously impaired. At that time, Officer Feliciano noted that Kennedy's behavior turned violent, and they were forced to put him in handcuffs and arrest him.

"Kennedy responded by now screaming incoherently and throwing himself at the wall. When he hit the wall, he grabbed the wall cabinet (filled with glass valuables) and threw it smashing the contents. I attempted to ask Kennedy why he was acting like this."

Next, the officers came in contact with Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of Max Kennedy, who grabbed the door of Officer Feliciano's cruiser, trying to stop him from closing it. The "father-daughter duo" were blamed for turning the party crowd into an angry mob.

The police report by the Barnstable Police Department indicates that the night of August 20 was not Max or Caroline Kennedy's finest hour. At the time of their arrests, neither Kennedy would provide the Barnstable officers with identification, and the man later identified as Max Kennedy resisted arrest. The crowd yelled while the Kennedys were being placed in the cruisers.

"You don't know who you're messing with. He was the district attorney."

Officer Armando Feliciano, who wrote the report, said they went to the party at Irving Avenue after several calls of complaint.


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The behavior of Matthew "Max" Kennedy was described as "irate" as he yelled at police and reportedly behaved in a violent manner. Max Kennedy was charged with disorderly conduct, and he has pleaded not guilty. At this time, Caroline Kennedy has not entered a plea. Max's attorney has not yet made a statement, and allegedly, Caroline Kennedy has not yet hired a lawyer.

Both Max and Caroline Kennedy were released on their own recognizance after also being charged with violating the local anti-noise ordinance. At this time, another court date has not been announced for the two members of the Kennedy family.

What you you think of the behavior of Max and Caroline Kennedy? Do you think they will be convicted in the Cape Cod town where they were arrested?

[Featured Image by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]