Jinger Duggar Shocks Again In Sleeveless Dress, No Weight-Loss Remarks On Husband Jeremy Vuolo’s Instagram

Jinger Duggar keeps surprising her fans with new additions to her wardrobe. Not only is she appearing more often with sleeveless dresses, shorts, pants, and curve-hugging clothing, but she also is never seen with the same clothes twice. While a mirror selfie she posted drew remarks about her weight loss and looking too thin, the latest photo her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, uploaded only got her fans talking about how great she looks.

Right now, Jinger and Jeremy are on the West Coast, checking out the churches and pastors in the area. They are taking classes with famous church leaders and building their knowledge as leaders in their Christian community in Texas. They also have been avid tourists, checking out popular sites like the Getty Villa, Griffith Observatory, the Hollywood sign, and more.

However, Jill & Jessa Counting On fans have been more interested in the outfits she put together for these trips. So far, she appeared on Instagram wearing pants, a dress that clearly revealed her knees, and shorts.

The latest picture her husband uploaded to Instagram showed yet another sleeveless dress in Jinger’s wardrobe. This is not the first time that Jinger has shown off her shoulders, but it still drew attention to the fact that she has moved passed her family’s strict dress code.

From the comments, it became clear that many fans were crediting Jeremy Vuolo for letting her grow into herself.

“I love that you are branching out with your new husband; traveling and enjoying each other,” a fan wrote. “That’s a blessing.”

Another remarked to Jeremy that “Jinger is blossoming now that you are leading her in the right direction.”

Some even went as far as to give her tips on how to develop her style even further.

“Jinger’s new clothes and makeup are great, but she would look really pretty with her hair cut about shoulder length,” a fan suggested.

In previous selfie that Jinger posted, she got her fans worried about whether she was going too far with weight loss.

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“You’re looking really thin,” a fan wrote. “I hope you’re staying safe and healthy.”

But in the latest picture, the concern for her health has not come up again, hinting that it may have been the angle of the picture for Jinger to appear slimmer than before.

The 23-year-old Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo got married last November. He is different from the rest of her sisters’ husbands. He is not originally from the south, and he used to play professional soccer before he turned to ministry. His love for big cities like Philadelphia and New York has prompted them to explore many cosmopolitan sites domestically and internationally.

Now that her horizons have broadened, she has no qualms about wearing clothes that may step outside the bounds of her parents’ conservative way of dressing. Despite the fact that her hemlines are rising, fans are loving her new style on Instagram.

Do you think Jinger, with the encouragement from her husband, will go further with pants, dresses, and shorts? Let us know in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Instagram]