WWE News: Possible Reason Why The Undertaker Was At ‘SummerSlam’ Weekend Revealed By Jerry Lawler

Many fans were hoping for an appearance by The Undertaker at SummerSlam last Sunday but it did not happen. Some believed that the WWE legend is coming out the next night on Monday Night Raw but he also did not show up. The rumors of The Undertaker appearing at SummerSlam started after a fan saw him on a plane going to New York City on Saturday.

According to Sportskeeda, The Undertaker was spotted on a flight heading to NYC over the weekend. Many fans thought that “The Deadman” will be at SummerSlam to confront Roman Reigns but it never happened. There were other speculations why the 52-year-old WWE legend was in New York City including an appointment with the David H. Koch Pavilion Hospital in Manhattan.

The Undertaker was last seen publicly at that hospital in early May to undergo a rumored hip replacement surgery. The WWE has not acknowledged if The Undertaker was retired by Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33 so some fans are still hoping for one final match from “The Phenom.”

Several rumors regarding The Undertaker returning for a rematch with Roman Reigns later this year surfaced before SummerSlam. However, it seems like those rumors were not true since no one saw The Undertaker backstage at the event, according to WWE commentator Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Jerry Lawler is a WWE Hall of Famer.

In the recent edition of Lawler’s Dinner With The King podcast (h/t WrestlingNews.co), the WWE Hall of Famer noted that he never saw The Undertaker in the dressing room. However, Lawler explained that a new WWE video game could be the reason why the seven-time WWE World champion was in New York City.

“I did not see or hear him mentioned at all. I dress in the talent relations room where at one point or another everybody on the card came through that room and I never saw him. But you know what? Here’s something that I just realized. He may have been there because they were doing scans for a new game. Everybody that was on the show that night, myself included, had to be scanned. This company, it’s not the 2K people, it’s a different game that’s gonna be coming out next year. So everybody had to have their face scans and their body scans.”

Still Real To Us noted that The Undertaker could also have done an interview for a future WWE Network special. The Undertaker was seen out of character in the trailer of the upcoming 30-for-30 ESPN Special on “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

The Undertaker is one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time.

The Undertaker is one of the greatest WWE superstars in history. He is a living legend in the wrestling industry and the WrestleMania 33 match with Roman Reigns was the perfect passing of the torch moment for The Undertaker and the company.

In his 27-year career, The Undertaker became a seven-time WWE World champion, seven-time WWE Tag Team champion, one-time WWE Hardcore champion and one-time Royal Rumble winner. He also had a 21-match winning streak at WrestleMania before retiring with an overall record of 23-2.

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