Meet The Man With The ‘Blacks For Trump’ Sign Behind The President At The Phoenix Rally

If there’s one person other than Donald Trump who made quite a stir at the Phoenix rally last Tuesday, it’s “Michael the Black Man.” The African-American man with the “Blacks for Trump” sign is Michael Symonette, also known as Maurice Woodside and Mikael Israel.

Michael stood out from the crowd right behind Trump. While the POTUS addressed his supporters who braved the heat at a Phoenix gathering, Symonette could be clearly seen to Trump’s right holding up the “Blacks for Trump” sign and wearing a white shirt with the words, “TRUMP and Republicans are not Racist.” Under the phrase is “,” which happens to be a website owned by Michael.

Ever since the Tuesday night rally, people have been asking about the man with the “Blacks for Trump” sign. A visit to the website printed on his shirt and some background check revealed that Michael the Black Man is a radical activist with ties to a murderous black supremacist cult.

Visitors to his website are led to, which offers some controversial and rather disturbing claims. For one, Michael said that the real KKK slave masters are the Cherokee Indians. He also said that Trump became president because he was chosen by God Yahweh “to be the White & Black Man’s DELIVERER from the Babylon, like the Gentile King CYRUS.”

Another conspiracy theory by Michael states that the terrorist group ISIS and defeated presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who Symonette previously accused of having connections with the Klu Klux Klan, are plotting a war “to kill all black and white woman [sic] of America.” Symonette also said in the website that Trump will “solve America’s debt” and “save America economically.” Michael continues his tirade against the Cherokees by saying that they, along with the Indians, should be made to pay taxes.

Symonette also went after Republican figures saying those who are against Trump’s policies are Mormon Cherokees. Michael also said through his website that these Republican Senators are “the racist[s] that believe White Gentiles & Black Republicans are Idiots & are not worthy to Rule.”

Michael the Black Man also went after fellow African-American and former U.S. president Barack Obama. Symonette is behind the “Blacks Against Obama” group and once claimed that the former president wanted him dead.

A New York Mag article from 2016 labeled the “Blacks for Trump” man as a former cult member. Michael the Black Man also made his presence felt when Trump visited Florida last year during the campaign trail. Similar to the recent Phoenix rally, Michael was strategically situated in the front row and just over the shoulder of Trump. Back then, it was discovered that Symonette is a former member of the Yahweh ben Yahweh cult, a black supremacist group.

The religious cult, particularly its late leader, has been accused of a number of crimes. Yahweh ben Yahweh was convicted of conspiring to murder white people. New members of the cult were forced to kill a white person as a way to prove their devotion. He was also charged for federal racketeering, extortion, arson, attempted murder, and for murdering former members.

Michael the Black Man, himself, has been charged with conspiracy to commit two murders in the early 1990s, according to the Washington Post. Symonette, however, was found not guilty despite the testimony from his brother who said that Michael stabbed a man in the eye and participated in the beating of another who later died.

It is unknown if Trump, who is dealing with the backlash of having the support of white supremacists, is aware that one of his staunch supporters once belonged to a black supremacist cult and has a number of criminal charges to his name, though he has never been convicted.

Symonette is a familiar face in Republican events held in South Florida, particularly in Miami. This led some to question his presence in the Arizona rally. Michael, however, has expressed that he did not receive any form of compensation for appearing at the latest Trump gathering.

[Featured Image by Rick Scuteri/AP Images]