Jennifer Aniston Reportedly Stalks Justin Theroux On Instagram, Jealous Of Other Women After Brad Pitt Split

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston ended their marriage years ago amid rumors that his co-starring role with Angelina Jolie in the film Mr. & Mrs. Smith had been the cause of Brad’s and Jennifer’s breakup. Now, even though Pitt eventually wed Jolie, followed by Brangelina’s infamous split that reverberated around the world, speculation about how Brad’s and Angelina’s romance affected Aniston continues.

A new report claims that Jennifer, with her feelings about romantic relationships still impacted by Pitt, has allegedly been “stalking” her husband, Justin Theroux, on Instagram. The reason reportedly has to do with her fear that Theroux is cheating on her with other women. But this time, instead of Angelina, it’s a makeup artist who works with Justin who allegedly has caused Aniston to feel threatened, according to Ace Showbiz.

Jennifer Reportedly Jealous Of Other Women In Justin’s Life

Aniston, famed for her TV role in Friends and film roles such as the comedy/crime flick We’re the Millers, allegedly has become jealous as she’s watched Theroux get closer to his makeup artist, according to the publication, which reported that in particular, Jennifer dislikes seeing the duo appear on each other’s Instagram pages.

“[Jennifer] reportedly gets jealous seeing her husband getting close to his makeup artist and hates to see the two popping up in each other’s Instagram posts.”

Moreover, just like Brad Pitt, Justin is known for being handsome, and Theroux’s attractive appearance has allegedly made Aniston even more “anxious,” noted Ace Showbiz.

Because of Brad Pitt's split from Jennifer Aniston, she allegedly feels jealous of other women in her husband Justin Theroux's life.

Eyes On Instagram

Ironically, Jennifer does not have her own account on the Instagram social media platform. But that reportedly has not stopped her from tracking what Justin does on Instagram. Aniston reportedly is constantly keeping her eyes on Theroux’s Instagram, checking out the posts that he creates, according to the publication.

“The Friends alum is reportedly always watching her husband closely on Instagram and stalking his account hard.”

A source quoted by Ace Showbiz revealed that Jennifer allegedly worries that her husband has become too close to his makeup artist Jenn Streicher, who reportedly is also married. After observing Justin and Jenn appearing on each other’s Instagram posts, Aniston allegedly became so jealous that she addressed the topic with Theroux.

Jennifer Reportedly Scolds Justin

The insider revealed that Aniston informed her husband about her feelings regarding those Instagram posts. Although the source noted that Theroux and his makeup artist gal pal hadn’t done anything “inappropriate,” Jennifer was reportedly upset by what she viewed on the social media platform.

“It still hit a nerve with her, so she let him know,” said the insider.

“Justin didn’t really own up to doing anything wrong, but surely he got the message.”

Theroux has no desire to make Aniston jealous, according to the source.

After having reportedly lost Brad Pitt to Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston allegedly worries that her husband Justin Theroux will cheat on her.

“The last thing he wants is for Jen to be upset,” said the insider.

A Look Back On Their Love Affair

In 2007, Aniston and Theroux initially met during the filming of Tropic Thunder. Justin wrote the film script with Ben Stiller, who is a close friend of Jennifer’s. But it reportedly was not until Theroux and Aniston worked together on 2010’s Wanderlust that the two began their romantic relationship.

In August of 2012, Jennifer and Justin made it official with an engagement. They eventually tied the knot on August 5, 2015, at their Bel-Air mansion in Los Angeles, California.

Reflecting on his marriage, Theroux once described it as a relationship that provides support and brings a new perspective to life.

“Marriage makes the small things much smaller and the big things small. It’s good to have someone have your back,” summed up Justin about his marriage to Aniston.

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