‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Raven Creates Drama, Annoys ‘BB19’ House — Mark Works To Blow Up Paul — Live Feeds

Big Brother 19 spoilers from the live feeds overnight show that the house continues to be on lock to evict Mark even though he’s working hard to blow up Paul’s game and save himself. But the big news is that Raven is so annoying that even Big Brother production had to shut her down. Raven continues to create drama (or she’s just a magnet for disaster), and the BB19 houseguests seem ready to have her gone. What’s interesting is that as much as they talk about disliking her, it’s showmance partner Matt that could get the boot first since he’s the only one of the two that can win a comp.

Raven asks Matt to throw her the HoH

There’s been a lot of BB19 debate lately among houseguests about whether or not Matt and Raven are having sex in the Big Brother house. CBS live feeds watchers will tell you there’s little doubt that they’re shagging based on the undercover motion going on every night that can be seen on the night vision cams. Perhaps that’s why Raven felt comfortable asking Matt to throw the next HoH to her using the excuse that she needs a letter from home. Only Matt seems to be immune to Raven’s annoying habits and drama, so maybe the sex is really good (or he’s selectively deaf).

Yesterday afternoon, Raven had a fit over a missing bracelet. Of course, the bracelet tied back to her health issues. Raven said it was from a friend that died of the same disease she has, although by most web searches, gastroparesis is not a fatal illness. Raven made a big deal saying that someone purposefully hid her bracelet to stress her out. But a likelier guess is that Raven hid it to set up some drama for herself to get the attention she seems to require. Check out the live feeds at 5:40 pm on Monday, according to Big Brother Network, to see Raven screeching and Big Brother telling her to chill.

Mark warns the HGs — no one will listen

Just like sheep to the slaughter, the BB19 houseguests are marching lock step to the slaughter where Paul will win Big Brother 19 unless they get woke. On Monday’s live feeds, Mark was spreading around some solid information on Paul’s strategy, but only Jason would listen. When Jason tried to take the good word to Alex, she shut him down. Mark told Jason that Matt and Raven are coming for him and Alex and that Paul is flip-flopping between power pairs. Mark’s information is spot-on, and Jason believed him, but it died on the vine.

When Jason went to Alex to warn her and encourage her to keep Mark to be a number allied with them, she would not hear it. Misguided Alex, seemingly brainwashed by Paul, insisted to Jason that Mark is the danger to their game and if he listens to Mark, will wreck their final three odds. Jason also went to Kevin who is willing to keep Mark and vote out Matt instead, but they can’t muster anyone else to play along with them, and this plan that could save Mark and shift numbers in the house seems to be dead. This could be a pivotal moment, but the BB19 HGs are ignoring the opportunity.

Houseguests discuss Raven’s lies versus truth

Big Brother 19 spoilers from last night’s live feeds reveal although the network may edit out, a major conversation among the BB houseguests about Raven’s claims about her poor health. Kevin was surprised to learn he’s not the only one that doubts she’s telling the truth. Jason suggested that people are scared to speak up and say she’s fibbing about her imminent death. There was also talk about Raven saying she can’t have red meat while saying she wants beef jerky, which is red meat.

Kevin and Jason want Matt and Raven gone, and you can flashback to around 6 p.m. to hear their chatter on targeting the annoying showmance. Paul and Christmas later discussed that Raven lies about non-game play things and it makes no sense. Paul added that he thinks Raven convinces herself that her lies are truth. The duo also discussed whether Raven and Mark would last outside the house and Christmas said Matt told her no way. Later last night, at about 10 p.m., Mark went back to lobby to Alex again to keep him.

Everyone feels safe going into next week – BB19 insanity

BB19 spoilers from the late night live feeds, at about 10:30 p.m. show that Mark encouraged Alex to think hard about who Christmas, Matt, and Raven would target if any of them wins HoH. Mark reminded her that Christmas refused Raven as a renom choice and that shows hints of an alliance. Paul seems to have thoroughly convinced Alex and Jason that Matt and Raven would target Christmas or Josh. Meanwhile, Christmas thinks the target is on Jason. Matt and Raven have been pointed at Jason also, thanks to Paul.

Online Big Brother reported that at about 11:15 last night, Alex told Paul what Mark said about him (the awful truth) that he was “not good for our [her and Jason] game” and is a “flip flopper.” What’s funny is that Paul threatened to call Mark out, but Alex talked him down. Of course, Paul can’t confront Mark too aggressively, so that was very likely a peacocking gesture to get her to soothe his ruffled feathers. Paul knows if he called Mark out, Mark could blow up Paul’s game. No doubt we’ll see more of Paul’s Diary Room chats about that being a close call.

BB19 should shift after Thursday’s eviction

Over all, because Paul has convinced the house to do his bidding, it’s been a pretty boring week in Big Brother 19. Once Mark is evicted Thursday night, things should get more interesting because the core group will turn cannibal and eat one of their own with Paul trying to stay out of harm’s way. This could be the moment when the truth of Paul’s quadruple dealing comes out — or he could continue his full-house hypnosis and keep the sheeple in line all the way to the end.

What do you think? Can Paul keep everyone in the dark long enough to make it to Final 2 in BB19? Is there any way Mark can save himself? Come back often for more Big Brother 19 spoilers.

[Featured Image by Bill Inoshita/CBS]