‘Twilight’ Actor Arrested After He Is Caught Urinating In Public

Bronson Pelletier, who plays Jared, a werewolf in the Twilight film series, was arrested on Monday evening at LAX in Los Angeles after he urinated in public near to one of the airport’s gates.

Pelletier was also allegedly thrown off his flight because he caused too much of a disturbance on board and was generally considered “too intoxicated to fly.” Early this week, the actor was also arrested for reportedly possessing cocaine and methamphetamine.

This previous offence occurred on December 8 at West Hollywood’s Gym Bar where insiders stated that the bar’s staff called the police because he was acting “wasted” and refused to leave the premises.

Eyewitnesses also corroborated that he was going from person to person and making everybody in the building feel “uncomfortable.” He was then arrested for public intoxication, but, when he was searched, they found cocaine and methamphetamine in his possession.

TMZ has stated that Bronson was removed from the plane yesterday by police and that officers told him to wait in the terminal for a later flight so that he had an opportunity to sober up.

After he had left the scene though, they then received a call claiming Bronson was “urinating in public by the gate.” He was then taken to jail and arrested for public intoxication, yet again. He is yet to release a statement regarding the matter.

The Canadian actor is currently dating Sabine Moestrup, and the Dane tweeted on Monday that she was on her way to London, either to avoid her boyfriend or plan his recovery. Can you forgive Bronson for his actions?