British Actor Who Claimed He Was Asleep When He Raped School Girl Is Found Guilty

A 42-year-old British actor has been found guilty of raping a 15-year-old girl at a house party, after he had got her drunk on alcoholic cocktails.

Simon Morris, who appeared in the British soap Hollyoaks, claimed that he suffered from the sleeping disorder ‘sexsomnia’, and that he didn’t know he was having sex with the girl.

Sue Ferrier, the prosecutor for the case, said, “Morris took an interest in the girl – winking at her, helping her pour drinks and even offering her to stay with him in London. The girl got drunk on cocktails and her father put her to sleep in an upstairs room. The girl’s father tried to wake his daughter at 6am to go home, but as she was fast asleep he left her in the bed for the night. By 6.30am the girl was crying rape.”

Morris was also found guilty of another sexual assault, but Chris Dzikowski, the director of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre, where Morris was tested, said that he could not rule out that the defendant didn’t suffer from ‘Sexsomnia,’ a medical condition in which people engage in sex acts whilst asleep.

“He sat up and moved unusually, grinded his teeth and had noticeable and sharp hand movements. I found that the features were consistent with sleepwalking. It is a possibility that in this case he was suffering from sexsomnia, I cannot exclude it.”

Morris was told by the judge that he faces a long jail term when he is sentenced in the new year, and added that his claims were, “feeble excuses to escape the inevitable.”