Instagram Photos Spark Protests In Sweden, Check Out The Video

Instragram photos featuring various girls with the caption “sluts” has caused a protest to swell in Gothenburg, Sweden.

According to Swedish reporting website The Local, protesters were “throwing bottles and stones at the police and attacking passers-by and people driving past.”

The Instagram photos included various girls from the area, and the owner of the Instagram account promised she wouldn’t give up the identities of anyone who sent along photos to be captioned and posted online.

Police believe the Instagram account is owned by a high school girl, although they have not been able to track down the user at this time.

Nearly 200 photos were uploaded, mostly of underage girls in their early teens.

The photos included the word “slut” and also included the name of alleged sexual activities the girls were involved in.

Before the Instagram account was shut down, more than 7,000 followers attached themselves to the account, often sharing the posts with their own followers.

Following the removal of the Instagram account, a related Facebook page was met with heated exchange among users. Some of the Facebook users who disagreed with the account used Facebook to setup a protest, which ultimately garnered nearly 600 participants.

While nobody was injured during the protest, it became immediately clear that supporters of the gathering were not happy with the way local girls in the area were being treated.

Take a look at the video. At one point, protesters attempted to flip over a vehicle, ultimately moving on after their attempt failed to bring about any results.