‘Longmire’ Season 6 Open-Ended Finale Could Be Possible, New Book Out Soon

An official announcement of Longmire Season 6’s premiere has yet to be given but it is inevitable that the Netflix series will come to a conclusion. Still, fans of the Western crime drama series are hopeful that the story of Sheriff Walt Longmire, played by Robert Taylor, will continue on.

As previously reported, the official fan page of the series, Longmire Posse on Twitter, as well as fans everywhere, has been having an online campaign to let Netflix know that Longmire deserves more seasons, if not movies. It turns out that there could be a movie after all, as confirmed by Taylor himself.

Although details of this planned movie are scarce, it somehow gives fans the hope that Longmire Season 6 could not be the end of everything just yet. Carter Matt also shared its own speculation about how the Netflix series could take a bow — it’s either Season 6 will conclude with tying up all loose ends or it could have an open-ended finale.

Most people look forward to closure in Longmire Season 6 and one of the popular questions from fans is if Walt will end up with Vic (Katee Sackhoff) in the finale. Another possible ending to the series, according to the publication, is leaving the story open for everyone to speculate, like Walt asking Vic out. It could also be that Walt will be summoned to check out yet another dangerous case.

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For now, all fans can do is continue the speculation as well as the hope that the Longmire cast will get to play their characters for a longer period of time. After all, author Craig Johnson, who writes The Longmire Mystery Series which the Netflix show is based on – will soon release a new novel titled The Western Star.

The Sheridan Press announced that Johnson’s new book will go on sale on Sept. 5. A publicist has also confirmed that the New York Times bestselling author will begin his 21-day book signing tour in 12 states on Sept. 5.

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Johnson had been asked by readers if he will continue writing more books even with the end of the Longmire series. In an interview with Publishers Weekly, the 56-year-old author noted that he “will continue writing the novels after the demise of the television series” and he’ll be “writing them long after the cinematic version is in syndication.” It’s interesting since this could mean more source material for a series or movie to work on, should there be one or more in the future.

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