Blac Chyna’s Social Followers Criticize Her Belly Button And Weight Loss Results

Blac Chyna showcased her post-baby body in a video clip this week, and her social media followers had a lot to say about it.

The 29-year-old former stripper took to Instagram several days ago to flaunt her weight loss as she recorded herself wearing a sports bra and workout pants. Chyna slowly moves to music as she films her toned midsection in the video.

It was this viewpoint that triggered a few commenters to state there’s something weird about her belly button. One Instagram user specifically stated why Chyna’s belly button caught so many people’s attention as they commented on her video.

“That bellybutton is so high up. It looks funny.”

But the negative remarks didn’t end there as more and more people commented on Blac Chyna’s weight loss. The mother of two previously claimed breastfeeding helped her quickly slim down along with a diet and exercise plan.

However, it seems commenters aren’t buying it as they recall Rob Kardashian sharing photos of his ex as she prepared to have plastic surgery following the birth of their daughter.

Hollywood Life reported on Kardashian’s claims as the site summarized his allegations stating Chyna received $100,000 worth of procedures.


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Perhaps this is why so many people called her out on her recent video. Some commenters stated Chyna’s body is a “false advertisement” as others said it’s the most artificial body they’ve ever seen.

“You look great but why you stuntin’ when we all know you didn’t work for it.”

Other commenters who appear to be fans of Chyna said it’s a shame she didn’t lose the baby weight on her own.

“You look good. But very disappointing. I really thought you lost the baby weight on your own. Clearly you did not. What a shame smh.”


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Blac Chyna may be used to the criticism as some of her other social media posts have been negatively received by her followers as well.

She shared a photo of a recent look she wore to her Chyna Dolls release, and commenters once again called her “fake” and questioned why she’s famous in the first place.

“All I see is makeup nothing natural, horrible.”

Her fans also took to the comment section to show their support as they defended Chyna against the haters. One commenter told the model to keep thriving, while many others stated how beautiful she looked in her red carpet outfit.

I wanna thank everyone that came to my Chyna Dolls release ????

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Despite fans continuing to support her, Blac Chyna can’t seem to shake the haters. International Business Times reported on Chyna being “trolled” earlier this month by people saying her curvy figure makes it look as if she’s wearing a diaper.

“Many thought that the reality star’s booty is sagging while others thought her huge derriere resembles a falling diaper.”

The article quotes people as saying it appears Chyna’s implants are sagging “just like [her] career” as the harsh remarks didn’t stop with her curves.

But Blac Chyna doesn’t seem to notice as she has yet to respond to the negative comments as she continues to post curve-filled photos on social media.

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