Joy-Anna Duggar And Husband Austin Forsyth Anger Fans With Donald Trump Prayer Request On Instagram

Joy-Anna Duggar And Husband Austin Forsyth Anger Fans With Donald Trump Prayer Request On Instagram

Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband Austin Forsyth are not backing away from their political commitments. They first drew attention on Instagram when they posted about attending Young Republican Convention at Arkansas’ State Capitol, showing how, even after what happened in Charlottesville, they were willing to support the work of the Republican party. And now, they have gone one step further to request their fans to pray for the leaders of the country, which includes Donald Trump.

The 19-year-old Duggar was the youngest girl to get married in her family. She tied the knot with Austin Forsyth, who is only 23 years old, this past June. For their honeymoon, they traveled to Switzerland and Israel, and started to record their lives together on a joint Instagram account.

While they do not post about their lives as much as Jinger, Jessa or Jill does, they do, from time to time, show what they have been up to as a couple. So far in their marriage, they have been busy working at the shop and attending Bible conferences.

But their post about attending Young Republican Convention immediately drew people’s attention. With the current political climate in the US, this was a bold statement for the couple to make.

Great turnout today at the Arkansas State Capital for the Arkansas Young Republican State Convention!

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Some of the fans cautioned them from making such obvious political remarks.

“This is a sensitive subject, especially in these tough days in our country,” a fan commented below the photo. “Your families would obviously be Republican (I mean who would think otherwise). I would just be careful because these post will cause and stir emotions with people. I was going to write something else but realize you both are young and not exposed to much.”

But Joy-Anna and Austin chose to ignore this remark when, yesterday, they uploaded a picture message on Instagram about how everyone should pray for the people in power.

This sparked a polarizing debate about Donald Trump and whether he is a worthy leader of their country.

Many Jill & Jessa Counting On fans commented, in humorous, sarcastic and also sincere ways, how they wish for the current leader, aka Donald Trump, to change.

“I pray for the president and his advisors to get a clue and stop embarrassing America,” one fan said as another wrote, “I pray he will either resign or be impeached.”

Many also wrote about how, no matter who is in power, whether that be Barack Obama or Donald Trump, they would pray for their leaders.

“Very true! No matter what side. I always hoped for the best and prayed when Obama was in office,” one fan wrote. “Luckily we made it through that haha barely! But now we pray for trump! He needs all the help he can get!”

It is not surprising that Joy-Anna and Austin are devout Republicans. They both grow up in a stoutly conservative household and now that they have begun their lives as independent adults, it looks like they are still sticking true to many of the values and political beliefs that were instilled in them.

Check out the young married couple having fun on dirt bikes!

I always love getting to do new things & go on new adventures with my man!???? #firsttimedirtbiking #loveyouforeverandalways

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Do you think Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband Austin Forsyth will continue to make political posts despite the warnings from their fans? Let us know in the comments below!

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