‘Alaskan Bush People’ Goes Into Road Trip As Ami Wants Some Adventure Amid Cancer Battle

In the season finale of Alaskan Bush People, the viewers get a glimpse of the new Browntown as Ami, Billy, and their seven grown children visit Colorado. Ami, who is battling a late-stage lung cancer, wants to have some adventure before she begins with her intensive treatment.

The preview clip posted on the official Facebook page of the Alaskan Bush People shows Ami urging her kids to get excited and have some fun as they discuss their future home. They have a road trip to Colorado to check the piece of land where they want to build their new homestead. However, not all fans are thrilled to see Ami out and about given her condition.

One commented, “Why in Gods name would Billy subject Ami to a road trip??? She’s in excruciating pain and most likely needs to rest in order for the treatments to have any chance of working. I dont understand why she can’t be allowed to heal and get better without him getting a wild idea to gallevant around the country. He’s selfish.”

Meanwhile, most of the Alaskan Bush People fans showed support to what Ami wants to do, pointing out that if you’re facing death, you would want to make the most out of your time. “She’s the one who said she didn’t want them to be all gloom & doom, wanted them to live & have some fun on their new adventure. I think it’s important that they do this together while they can. We are not promised tomorrow so they are going to make the most of today!” said another commenter.

As Billy mentioned, they have to do the road trip in a few days before Ami begins with her radiation treatment and chemotherapy. This explains why Ami does not look as sick as some people were expecting on someone undergoing treatment. They also traveled using an RV where Ami can get comfortable while on the road.

Still, there are doubts about Ami’s condition. For years, there are rumors that the show is completely fabricated, which is why some people think they are faking Ami’s cancer. Others, however, don’t think the show would go as far as using a deadly illness just to boost ratings. Ami has been diagnosed with stage 3B lung cancer, which is said to be at stage 4 now.

Fans hope to find out more details about Ami’s condition when Alaskan Bush People returns for Season 8. The renewal is yet to be confirmed, but there are reports that they are going to Colorado to film the new season. After that, the family will reportedly return to California for another round of chemotherapy for Ami’s cancer.

For now, the family remains in California. Check out their recent photos with fans.

The two-hour season finale of Alaskan Bush People airs on Wednesday at 9 p.m. on the Discovery Channel.

[Featured Image by Discovery Channel]