‘Big Brother 19’ Rumors: Is Paul Abrahamian A Villain, Matt Clines The Biggest Floater In Show History?

Big Brother 19 rumors have been something for fans to talk about on social media all summer. A bit different from the Big Brother 19 spoilers, which cover what is going on inside the house, these rumors are about the players themselves and how they compare to past houseguests on the show. One question that continues to get asked is whether Paul Abrahamian is a villain or simply very good at playing the game. Paul was considered an underdog as part of the BB18 cast, as he was on the outside of the primary alliances, so is he intentionally a villain now?

The BB19 live feeds have certainly provided a lot of interesting moments for the cast, with Paul Abrahamian interacting with nearly every other houseguest, trying to play them against each other for his benefit. His best relationships have been with Christmas Abbott and Alex Ow, but those two ladies aren’t working with one another to make it to the end. They are only “teammates” in a larger alliance, suggesting Paul is going to have to turn against one of them soon. But which one?

There had been a number of Big Brother 19 rumors about Paul Abrahamian and Christmas Abbott working together before the show even started. These rumors came from their large number of followers on social media, but it could have simply been a way for production to make sure that a lot of people were watching the show. If the Big Brother 20 cast is made up of All-Stars, fans should expect them to return to CBS. Would other houseguests finally get as bold as Cody Nickson was and stand up to them as HOHs?

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Matt Clines, who might be in the running to be the biggest floater in the history of the reality competition show. He proved himself to be very good at losing on purpose, as he threw one competition in order to help make sure that Cody Nickson got evicted. Matt did also win a Power of Veto but did he win it because other people were trying to lose it on purpose? He hasn’t been a threat at all this season, which could turn out to be a strategy good enough to get him to the end of the season.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there are a lot of additional Big Brother 19 spoilers that have come out over the last 72 hours. It includes who won the Power of Veto and how the upcoming Eviction Ceremony is going to go. None of that information will shift how fans are viewing Paul Abrahamian and Matt Clines this season. Is the control that Paul has in the BB19 house working against him in the eyes of fans? Can a floater win the $500,000 prize against the right villain?

The summer 2017 season is working its way to an interesting conclusion, but the reputations of Paul Abrahamian and Matthew Clines may already be set in stone. Will they care about any of the Big Brother 19 rumors if they both emerge with major cash prizes?

[Featured Image by Bill Inoshita/CBS]