Kristen Stewart On Her Racy Turn In ‘On The Road’

With the upcoming release of Walter Salles On The Road this Friday, its female lead Kristen Stewart, has cleared her schedule to speak about the film and her impressive turn as Marylou, a free-spirited, sexualized, independent woman. It’s a far cry from her Twilight saga character Bella, and she seems to know it.

Speaking with Movieline, Stewart wasn’t afraid to talk about how far she had to go to discover the role of Marylou within her, and how racy the role is in comparison to the vampire series that made her a household name. Marylou, is the former wife and sometimes-lover of Dean Moriarty, an energetic, unconventional, and charming man.

About her character Stewart said:

“By the time it came to bringing it to life, I didn’t want to play just a crazy, wild sexy girl. I wanted to apply all the whys and get to know the people behind the characters. There’s a weight to it. It’s not easy to live a life like that. That’s what makes these people kind of remarkable. It’s a give and take. There’s no way to have this without pain, but they’re not frivolous.

Her relationship to Garret Hedlund’s Dean is an often tulmoutous mess, which isn’t something Stewart is a stranger to, especially given her relationship with Robert Pattinson. Stewart spoke to Collider about the difficulty in playing the complex character:

“I really had to dig pretty deep to find it in me to actually play a person like this. It took a long time. Initially, I couldn’t say no. I would have done anything on the movie. I would have followed in a caravan, had I not gotten a job on it. But, I was 16 or 17 when I spoke to Walter [Salles], for the first time. I was 14 or 15 when I read the book, for the first time. It was easy to connect the dots, after having gotten to know the person behind the character, to see what I would need to pull off a lifestyle like that, but that didn’t happen until deep into the rehearsal process.”

Are you excited to see Kristen Stewart in On The Road?