Dallas McCarver Dead At 26: Instagram Users Blame Cause Of Death On Steroids, But Bodybuilder Choked On Food

It seems surreal to fans of the bodybuilder Dallas “Big Country” McCarver, as Dallas called himself in his Instagram profile, that McCarver could post a video of himself working his pectoral muscles only 22 hours ago, and be reported dead less than one day later. According to TMZ, McCarver choked on food while at his house in Florida. The publication pins the cause of death of the 26-year-old girlfriend of WWE superstar Dana Brooke as choking, after Dana said she spoke with Dallas right after midnight on the morning of Tuesday, August 22. McCarver told Dana he was preparing to make a late night or early morning dinner and told her he loved her. Later, McCarver would be taken to a hospital, without signs of foul play. Dallas didn’t show signs of suicide, and McCarver looked fine lifting 160-pound dumbbells in the below video from his Instagram account, but even with the cause of death reported by TMZ as choking on food, the comments section of the publication and McCarver’s Instagram account are filled with people blaming his cause of death on steroids.

Aaron Singerman speaks in the following video about how Dallas was found in his kitchen, face down and not breathing. McCarver’s passageways were cleared of food and CPR was performed on him, but Dallas didn’t survive.

When Dallas’ toxicology reports are released to the public, if McCarver’s autopsy reports are eventually made public, that will determine the real cause of death — beyond steroid speculation from Instagram users.


Meanwhile, the below video of McCarver collapsing onstage during the 2017 Arnold Classic Australia in March is going viral, as people remember the man who became a popular bodybuilder as a 21-year-old. At a height of 6-feet, one-inch, and at least 300 pounds, it’s no wonder Dallas was known as “Big Country.” McCarver won the No. 8 spot in the 2016 Mr. Olympia competition, and McCarver’s fans looked forward to his forthcoming show appearances.

Instead, people are posting plenty of “RIP” wishes on Dallas’ Instagram account, with some leaving sad comments and their steroid theories, without much proof to back up what they are posting. With bodybuilder Rich Piana recently being placed in a medically-induced coma, as reported by TMZ, with Piana’s condition unclear, folks are using Rich’s situation as a warning to stay away from steroids.

However, although Rich was a big proponent of steroid use and taught his YouTube followers how to run cycles of various steroids, Piana’s condition and any role steroid use played in his medical melee has not been made clear.


McCarver continues to collect a boatload of comments on Instagram in the wake of his death. Dallas can be seen in the top photo above, when McCarver posed at the IFBB Pro Division pre-judging portion of the 2017 Arnold Classic. The event was held at The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on March 17, 2017, in Melbourne, Australia.


[Featured Image by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images]