Woman Awarded Over £3,000 After Being Fired For Generous Sprinkles

Former McDonald‘s employee Sarah Finch, 19, of Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire, UK, was dismissed from her job. Although she’d been considered an exceptional employee, Finch was too heavy handed when it came to topping the frozen desserts (McFlurry) with chocolate sprinkles, and was let go. The McFlurry in question had been made for a co-worker, who’d expressly requested it be a “nice one,” according to the Huffington Post.

The Dailymail noted:

Her bosses accused of giving her away food without payment. The teenager said in a statement, “I was dismissed on the grounds of gross misconduct. I was accused of stealing food.”

The lawsuit regarding the terms of her firing, ended quickly with a settlement offer from McDonald’s for £3,000, along with a good reference, reflecting her previous 18 months of employment there.

This isn’t the first time McDonald’s has encountered legal issues or lawsuits surrounding their employees. Back in October of this year, here in the US, McDonald’s workers sued one of their own co-workers, Mirlande Wilson, who claimed she alone held a multimillion dollar lottery ticket, even though the workers had pooled together funds to make the purchase on behalf of the group. Wilson ended up exposed as a fraud, misleading everyone. In the end she did not have a winning ticket.

Another former employee, Marquita Thompson, filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s surrounding an incident that happened in June 2010. Thompson believed the Chicago based eatery she was employed at, had been violating health standards, and when she voiced her concerns to management, was terminated.