Nick Viall And Alexis Waters Trade Jabs Over 'Bachelor In Paradise' Insult And Even Robby Hayes Steps In

On Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor, Alexis Waters made a memorable entrance by arriving in a shark costume. While Alexis didn't last very long on the season, she was shown having some fun moments and conversations with Nick. She was also shown getting along well with most of the other contestants and forming real friendships with some of them. On the current season, season 4, of the spin-off Bachelor in Paradise, Alexis again made her grand entrance wearing a shark costume. She has also, with her running commentary on all the craziness happening around her in paradise, continued to show that she's a woman who loves to have a good time and isn't afraid of poking fun of others.

Yet it seems that not everyone appreciates Alexis' humor. On Monday night's episode, Alexis joked that Nick, who got engaged to Vanessa Grimaldi on his season finale episode, was "the worst Bachelor in history." It didn't seem as if Alexis meant any harm with her joke. Yet Nick, who appeared on Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 prior to his Bachelor stint, apparently didn't like Alexis' joke at his expense, for he sent Alexis a tweet that asked if she's still "salty" that she's a shark.

Alexis responded to Nick's insult by asking him how long it took him to come up with that line. She then proclaimed that while she may be salty, he's still "stale."
One person who's taking Alexis Waters' side is Robby Hayes. Robby, currently shown on the spin-off wooing Amanda Stanton, whom Nick Viall actually pursued a bit on the prior season when he was on the show, responded to Nick's tweet by correcting his grammar. Nick chose not to respond to Robby with words but rather with just a clip of Brittany Spears looking preplexed.
Nick did, however, have one person on the current season's cast defend him. Derek Peth, currently shown coupled up with Taylor Nolan, poked fun of how drunk Robby was on the latest episode and told him to go home. As viewers may recall, Taylor got into a feud with Corrine Olympios during Nick's season over whether Corrine was seriously looking for love. Perhaps Taylor, despite having been sent home by Nick early on his season, told Derek some good things about Nick?
While Nick Viall called out Alexis on social media, he didn't say anything about Danielle Lombard, who, during a date with Dean Unglert, agreed that Nick as the Bachelor was "boring." While Alexis never went on a one-on-one date with Nick on The Bachelor, Danielle did. When Nick sent her home after what seemed to be a great date, Danielle cried and said that she was heartbroken. Does Nick now think that Danielle is "salty" too?It remains to be seen on Bachelor in Paradise whether Danielle Lombard will forge a real relationship with Dean Unglert and whether Alexis Waters will find romance of her own. On Twitter, Alexis defended herself when it comes to how serious she is about finding love. In response to one viewer who tweeted that Alexis seems like just a party girl who isn't ready for a real relationship, Alexis pointed out that it doesn't mean that she doesn't want a relationship just because she likes to party.
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