‘Conan Exiles’ Xbox One Patch Released To Fix Pressing Issues, Funcom Teases Combat Combos

Wights attack in Conan Exiles Frozen North expansion.

The Xbox One Game Preview program release of Conan Exiles last week was plagued with some unfortunate bugs and issues that put a damper on the open-world survival title’s console release. A patch to address the worst of the issues was finally released Tuesday after spending a lengthy bit of time in Microsoft’s certification process. Funcom Creative Director Joel Bylos also gave a work in progress preview of the new combat combo system.

The 7.38 GB Conan Exiles update is meant to fix a number of crashes that occur with the Xbox One game along with an endless loading screen. Just as importantly, the ability to rent private servers is also supposed to be enabled with this patch. Prices start at $14.99 for a 30-day rental with 10 player slots and run to $143.49 for a 90-day rental with 40 player slots.

A major gameplay issue is also resolved with this update. Conan Exiles players experienced long delays between selecting a weapon or item in their inventory wheel and when it actually became usable. Even if a player was able to get past all the crashes, this made the game nearly unplayable because it means almost certain death if it takes several seconds to equip a weapon.

Hunting in Conan Exiles' Frozen North

Here is the complete list of fixes being released with the first Conan Exiles patch.

  • You can now rent your own server
  • Many crash fixes
  • GUI focus fixes
  • Fixes for delayed actions
  • Server browser fixes

The next issues to be fixed as soon as possible were also detailed. They include the following.

  • Server browser may freeze and require game restart
  • NPCs may have delayed attacks
  • NPCs are sometimes invisible
  • Game occasionally hangs when loading
  • Game crashes in different situations
Ymir stalks the forests in Conan Exiles.
[Image by Funcom] Funcom

Sheathing a character’s equipped items when starting to sprint has been a hot topic since the Frozen North update was released. This is still an upcoming fix but one issue I experienced where any equipped items were unequipped when sprinting has been fixed with this release. It’s not clear how many other players this affected, however, the developers detailed the upcoming compromise in a recent Steam Community post.

  1. You will automatically sheath your weapon when sprinting, but you will also automatically unsheathe them when you stop sprinting.
  2. When you attack while sprinting, this will trigger autowield and stop sprinting.
  3. We will add an option for players to manually wield/unwield instead of it happening automatically. With this option, sprint will only work after you manually sheath your weapon.
  4. We will make certain tools ignore this so you can use it when sprinting.

More changes to the Conan Exiles combat system are also on the way. The Frozen North update split the regular and heavy attack to two separate buttons and made shields more viable. Funcom’s next step is to add a combo system, which Bylos showed off a prototype of on Twitter earlier today.

Note that this is a prototype of Funcom testing the flow of button presses. It doesn’t appear they have tied it to the stamina system yet.

There’s no timeline on when Conan Exiles will receive the new combat combo system, but it should make combat more engaging than other open-world titles of similar ilk, where melee combat is often a case of who can mash buttons faster.

[Featured Image by Funcom]

[Edit: Clarified issue with sprinting and the unequipping of items.]