Backstage News About The Miz’s Frustration With Recent Booking After ‘WWE Summerslam’

WWE Summerslam is the second biggest event for WWE each year. It’s understandable that WWE officials are forced to make hard decisions for the card and some performers are not featured strongly. For instance, The Miz and the Intercontinental Title were forced to take a backseat this year. Miz was a part of a tag team match involving him teaming with Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel against The Hardy Boyz and Jason Jordan.

However, it was revealed shortly after the biggest party of the summer that the six man tag team happened in front of a nearly empty arena. The Hardy Boyz and Jason Jordan were a part of the match, so the powers that be weren’t intentionally booking anyone in front of an empty Barclays Center. Unfortunately, the doors to the arena didn’t open until five when WWE began the Kickoff show, so most fans were not in their seats.

Regardless of the reason, it’s being reported that The Miz and many others in the match were furious to be performing in front of a nearly empty arena despite WWE Summerslam being the second biggest event of the year. The Miz was said to be the most upset, which is why he was given the microphone on Raw to vent some of his frustration out on WWE television. Miz’s promo was said to be mostly a shoot from the heart.

The Miz is Furious Because The Crowd Was Empty For His Match at Summerslam

The segment would lead to a tag team match between Miz and Samoa Joe against Roman Reigns and John Cena. It is not clear if WWE officials are planning for the Intercontinental Champion to continue to use his time on the microphone to air his frustrations, but this week’s promo was a look into how Miz really feels about his booking at Summerslam and how his reign with the Intercontinental Championship has been.

The Miz Was Able to Share That Frustration With John Cena and Roman Reigns On Raw

The WWE Universe has been giving The Miz his due since his run on SmackDown Live. Over the past year and a half, he’s been one of the most consistent performers in the company. Many people are sympathizing with him being forced into a bad situation on Sunday. Going forward, the WWE Universe could turn in his favor, which could lead to even bigger and better things for The Miz for the rest of the year. His first run as a main eventer was criticized by a lot of people, but Miz is twice the performer now. He may be truly ready.

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