‘Scarface’ Actor Arrested: Steven Bauer Booked For Driving On Suspended License

Steven Bauer, an actor who appeared in the movie Scarface, has been arrested.

According to Fox News, the Scarface actor was arrested in the Miami area this week for allegedly driving with a suspended license. Bauer, 52, was booked under his real name Steven Ernest Echevarria into the Miami-Dade County Jail on Tuesday morning.

The Denver Post reports that Bauer was pulled over on Monday night after allegedly making an illegal left turn. The officers were set to let Bauer off with a warning but after running his driver’s license they found that he had an open 12-year-old warrant. It’s unclear what the warrant was for.

According to CBS, Bauer’s passenger was also arrested. Wilmar Machado, 23, was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and posession of drug paraphernalia.

Bauer is most famous for playing Manny Ribera in the movie Scarface in 1983 but the 52-year-old actor has had a pretty successful career beyond the famous Al Pacino movie. Bauer was in Primal Fear with Edward Norton and Traffic with Benicio Del Toro. Bauer most recent credits include appearances in Cold Case, American Dad and a stint on the AMC drama Breaking Bad.

The Scarface actor has nearly a dozen projects in the works on IMDB but he’ll always be known for teaching Al Pacino how to pick up chicks in the 1983 gangster classic.

[The video is NSFW for language.]