‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Cane Not The Daddy, Juliet Baby Tests For Cystic Fibrosis Reveal Truth?

Young and the Restless spoilers for upcoming episodes reveal that Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard) might get some good news as a result of the genetic testing for Juliet Helton’s (Laur Allen) pregnancy. Y&R fans questioned from the start how Cane could have gotten Juliet pregnant in Tokyo when he was too drunk to perform. If Cane was so black-out drunk that he can’t remember sleeping with Juliet, it seems unlikely that he was up to bedding Juliet. Maybe Juliet doesn’t even know there was no sex since she was also terribly drunk — or she’s lying.

Paternity result rigged, but genetic test reveals truth?

There have been some Y&R rumors that the initial paternity test that showed Cane was the father was rigged. If so, who might have done that? There’s Jordan Wilde (Darnell Kirkwood) to consider since he’s got the hots for Lily Ashby (Christel Khalil). Remember, Jordan has a con-man past, so maybe he used his sneaky skills to set up Cane for a split with Lily. However, that seems like a long shot since Jordan would not want to see Lily hurt, and he doesn’t have a lot of contacts in Genoa City to pull off a stunt like that. However, two other people have the resources.

In Genoa City, two have the means and motive to set Cane up for a big fall — one with a personal motive and one with a business motive. Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) wants to see Brash & Sassy fail at all costs. And Jack’s buddy Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan) would love to see Lily’s life blown apart, and she has few scruples. Could Jack or Hilary have rigged the original DNA test? Of course, they could. Both of them have deep pockets, influence, and the ability to play dirty to get what they want.

Jack or Hilary to blame for Cane’s original paternity proof?

Young and the Restless spoilers show Hilary never misses a chance to screw with Lily, and since Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) dumped her, Hilary has spiraled. Lily wasted no time getting in Hilary’s face to let her know how thrilled she was that her brother kicked Hilary to the curb. Hilary wants payback. Fans recently saw Hilary steal the commercial gig out from under Lily, but she might also have wrecked Lily’s marriage. Not only that, but Hilary was helping out Juliet, and the paternity test showing Cane as the dad served that purpose, too.

As for Jack Abbott, it’s not that he has any particular grievance against Juliet, Lily, or Cane, but they all three worked at Brash & Sassy. Jack wants B&S to implode to mess with Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson). Jack wouldn’t care that he ruined Cane and Lily’s marriage if it accomplished the goal of taking down B&S. Would Jack play that dirty? Of course, he would. It would be simple enough for Jack to rig the test knowing that would prove Juliet’s sexual harassment case, cost Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) big bucks and cripple his competition.

Genetic test should prove or disprove Cane as Juliet’s baby daddy

It seems pretty strange that Y&R spoilers would dredge up baby drama for Juliet that required further genetic testing. Young and the Restless spoilers from Soap Central promise Lily is irritated when she sees Cane and Juliet hugging after discussing the possibility of her baby having problems. However this prenatal mama drama might have a conclusion that reconciles Lily and Cane. Early spoilers from Soap Opera Digest for the week of September 4 indicate that Cane gets surprising news. Could the news be that he’s not the dad?

Juliet told Cane that the genetic test results wouldn’t be in for a week, so that aligns with the timeline for this spoiler. It’s a lot easier to rig a paternity test that’s a yes or no result than it is to manipulate a complex genetic marker test. It could be that Juliet’s prenatal complication could finally prove that Cane isn’t the baby daddy. If he’s not, don’t look for anything ridiculous like it being Billy or Mr. Sato. It might just be a casual fling Juliet had in Tokyo or an ex-boyfriend. Viewers will find out the week of Labor Day if Cane is the father or not.

Would you be happy if Cane is not Juliet’s baby daddy? Are you one of the many Y&R fans who think Cane was too drunk to have sex with Juliet so the baby can’t possibly be his? Come back often for more dirt on hot plots like the Genoa City human trafficking ring, including Abby’s role in it, and other Young and the Restless spoilers.

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