'My 600-lb Life' Update: Steven Assanti Starts Sharing Recipes, Is Reality TV Star Branching Out?

Steven Assanti has a penchant for doing the unexpected. Whether in the form of incendiary posts or strongly-worded updates, the My 600-lb Life star is known to surprise his social media followers. Recently, however, Steven began posting what could only be his most beguiling updates yet. After all his controversial actions in the show and online, the reality TV star has now started sharing recipes to his Facebook followers -- and the dishes actually look pretty healthy.

Yes, you read that right. My 600-lb Life's Steven Assanti, who used to be addicted to prescription medicine, pizza, and attention from everyone around him -- and who made My 600-lb Life viewers and fans cringe by throwing a temper tantrum while inside a medical facility -- is now sharing his recipes to his Facebook fanbase. So far, Steven has shared three particularly good-looking recipes for surprisingly healthy dishes.

True to form, however, Steven has made it a point to include his name when branding his recipes. So far, he has uploaded recipes for three dishes -- some baked chicken drumsticks, a dish of tuna and olives, and finally, a colorful salad. The reality TV star officially calls them the Assanti Drums, the Assanti Bed of Tuna, and the Assanti My Humps Antipasto.


While these might sound almost unbelievable coming from the elder Assanti brother, his recently shared recipes actually look pretty legitimate. Amusingly, some of his dishes were so well-presented that some of Steven's critics suggested that the reality TV star was just pulling images from the internet. Steven, however, has maintained that each of his recipes is original.


"For anyone thinking it's fake, reverse Google search all my images. There (sic) not fake so drink some haterade, haters."

Steven has recently found himself in hot water due to his actions on his Facebook profile. Just a few days ago, the elder Assanti sibling uploaded a video (which he promptly deleted) attacking his younger brother, Justin. During Steven's rant, he bashed his brother for allegedly joining his critics. The elder Assanti sibling also alleged that Justin had already finished his gastric sleeve surgery. Considering that Steven was quick to delete this video, however, the validity of his claims were considered by his social media followers to be dubious at best.


For now, it seems Steven is focusing his energies on something far less destructive and far more constructive. What's more, the My 600-lb Life star could really be interested in and talented at cooking. While the idea of the Assanti sibling being known for healthy dishes seems far-fetched for now, who can really predict what Steven's next move will be?

[Featured Image by Steven Assanti/Facebook]